Can i get all supplies over the counter without a RX?

Hey Guys,

Completely new to this, but would like to know what requires a RX, and what does not.


Hi Michael, everything pretty much needs an RX except lancets, strips, alcohol swabs glucose tabs etc. I think that it would be helpful for you to go to the “diabetes section” of your local pharmacy. Everything that is out on the shelves doesnt need an RX. Anything else that you dont see there does need one. Good Luck!

If you have prediabetes the best “prescription” you can get is to cut back on your carbohydrates using the technique described here:
How to Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control

Many people with prediabetes and early Type 2 diabetes can get completely normal blood sugars using that technique.

Beyond that, Metformin is the safest and most effective drug for early diabetes. It is a generic prescription that costs about $4 a month. You do need a prescription for it.

Don’t let doctors talk you into expensive newer less safe drugs. You can do a great deal with dietary changes and metformin. Give them a try first.

if you get strips by a prescription, you can sometimes get them cheaper depending on your insurance. My endo wrote a prescription for lancets and strips

that article on how to get my blood sugar under control was very interesting.