Can Omnipod Users use the Untethered Regimen for a long weekend?

We took our boat out on the Lake for the first time this season and for the first time with the Omnipod. I put extra Cover Roll Stretch Tape on my daughter’s Pod plus pre-wrap and she was still not able to relax and enjoy herself. She worried the entire time about her Pod - will it get ripped off when tubing, will the tape come off with all of the swimming in the Lake, etc??? She was in tears most of the day and stayed IN the boat. She actually asked me if we could switch back to Novolog and Lantus when we go on our long weekend boating trips this summer! And then back to the Pod right when we get home from our trips (we have 4 planned.) I told her I would call her Endo and discuss this. I know that part of this is just getting used to boating with the Pod. I’ve heard of the Untethered Regimen but need to do more research before I call our Endo. Is this even possible with the Omnipod? How would I turn the PDM off - take the batteries out?? And, if I take the batteries out, will I loose all of her information? I have an email out to our Omnipod rep. Hopefully she will also be able to help me. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated! Our family enjoys boating - we don’t want her to be so miserable!

I have problems with my pod getting knocked off so much that I tend to try and always have a backup and insulin with me at all times. Is that something you could do on your boat, such that she wouldn’t have to worry, because she could know that if something happened, a backup would be nearby?

I also just ordered one of these, which I’m hoping will help when I have the pod on my arm.

My understanding is that the Untethered Regimen means taking some long acting insulin and cutting back on the basal rate while wearing a pump (

If that’s what you’re talking about, sure! Just set the temp basal or (better yet) copy and create a new lower basal program for the time that she takes the long acting. This could be a good plan if she will be more active than normal to still be able to cut back on some basal in order to counteract the activity.

If you mean a pump vacation (not wearing the pump while on the trip and just doing shots) that shouldn’t be a problem either. When the screen is black, the PDM is off (I am not aware of a “hard shut off” function other than removing the batteries). If you are worried about losing the info, just be sure to upload into copilot (it will store the most recent set up information).

Hope it’s a fun trip for all!

I’m not a water skier but I just ran Cataract Canyon on the Colorado river which is full of really big whitewater rapids with no issues. I go on several multi-day wilderness river trips every summer with my pod and have never had it come off yet in a rapid or while swimming. I was very nervous about it at first but now I just make sure I have plenty of extra pods and back up needles just in case.

Yes - I mean taking a pump vacation for a long weekend. If I deactivate her Pod before taking it off, won’t the PDM contunie to beep until I activate a New Pod?

That’s awesome Rob! I know she is just a nervous wreck because it is something new.

I don’t think the PDM will beep until you activate a pod. If it does, you can turn it off by pressing the on/off button. If that still doesn’t work, you can remove the batteries because the records/history are stored in the non-volatile Flash memory chip (similar to a USB token/pen drive - no power needed to keep info). If you’re concerned about that, just upload the records/history into CoPilot before removing the batteries.

Do you think that you could ask your OmniPod rep to send you some demo pods that other family members could wear during activities to increase your daughter’s comfort level? It may also give you an idea of what to expect from the Pod during different activities.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! I never thought of all 5 of us wearing the Pod while we are boating - wouldn’t that be a site! She and I both wore a demo when we were trying to make our decision on a pump but that was in February.

HIi Jan!
I live year-round on a lake in Washington, and waterski and play on the lake pretty much every day. If your daughter wears the pods on her arm, you should look for a neoprene wet-top (I wear one like this one from Dakine) I waterski with that and a pull-over life jacket on, and if my pods are on my arms, stomach or back they stay on no matter how hard I crash!
A Coban wrap (or Vet Wrap…thats what I normally use!) works well for the days I don’t ski, but just play on the lake in the boat, on the trampoline and swimming off the dock…and it won’t fall off when it gets wet, either!

Also, there is no reason she can’t change her pod on the dock or in the boat if she rips one off, keep a little bag with 2 spare pods, insulin in a frio-pack and alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer so I can change my pod wherever I am!

If she wants to talk to me about how to have a great summer with the pod, I’d be happy to!

Happy boating!

I’m not a medical professional but I’ve worn a pump since 1999. It might seem perfectly fine for your daughter to switch back to shots for the long weekends. Coined as a ‘pump vacation’ :slight_smile: If wearing the pod is going to make it difficult for her to enjoy herself and relax - definitely go for it! That’s just my humble opinion. I knock pods off on door jambs - that’s just me :slight_smile: I don’t know what the ‘suspend’ protocol is with deactivated pods but it may be worthwhile to keep the PDM on-hand just for bG checks and insulin calculations (should you choose to bring a bolus pen with you). That’s just my 2 cents but hopefully your daughter enjoys every weekend out on the water with a smile on!

I really appreciate all of these great suggestions! It’s good to know that others have a fun, successful time boating with their Pods! I know that she can do it but she has to know that she can do it! She is just not there yet. She has only been on the Pod for 4 months now so I guess it will just take time. I started to doubt that we made the wrong decision in “our pump” since the tube pumps can be detached while you swim and I questioned her about this and she said, “Oh No Mom! I don’t want that tube pump and I wouldn’t want that pump attached to my clothes!”

We haven’t been boating, but my son swims all summer long and we’ve done some waterslides. I always tape his pod, since he’s 6 and very active. We use the foam tape by Nexcare. It’s water proof and I just wrap it a couple of times and he goes. Works really well for us and usually stays on with no problems. What about putting the pod on her belly or her hip under her suit. That might help keep it in place too. Good Luck.

She doesn’t want to wear the Pod on her stomach because of her life jacket. She says it’s too uncomfortable - the jacket hits the Pod and she gets even more nervous that the Pod will come loose.

Have you tried the band yet?? I’m thinking of ordering one and was wondering how it worked for you! Thanks for sharing the link!

I Jess.
I have not tried the band with my daughter. Did you reply to Carolyn also to check with her? Take care - Jan

Why don’t you try wearing it on her back? I find that it’s a great spot, high enough that the lifejacket covers it without rubbing on it!

My son just got two bands and he loves them. He’s worn them in the pool and right now is camping with his dad and wearing one in the canoe.