Anyone Thinking About Getting The Omnipod

I am 15 and have been using the omnipod for over a month and a half. I was diagnosed in the end of January of this year. Shots with pens 4 times a day really weren’t anything to be proud of, especially hanging out with my friends and having to bring needles, alcohol swabs, strips, blood sampler, two insulin pens, and meter. The lows were very unpredictable and I always had to have snacks at the same times every day. I got the omnipod and it was a miracle for me. I am very active almost everyday. I have very little body fat on me, and am quite muscular. The omnipod has freed me up from everything. Now I only have to have the PDM, sampler, and strips. They can all fit in one pocket, and you don’t have to gross out some of your friends before they eat, or be like a freakshow by giving yourself a shot. I no longer have to snack unless I want to. If you have a high, you don’t have to take a shot, you just press a few buttons. The insertion really doesn’t hurt and I have never had a bad spot. I wakeboard, skimboard, surf, skateboard, ride bikes, and spend all day at the beach. I have had 2 pods fall off the whole time, but it happened wakeboarding at 25 miles per hour with the pods fully exposed. When you do anything with your PDM it just looks like you are texting or trying to call someone on a cell phone. I was on the fence about the omnipod or the animas (for some reason) only. The tubing didn’t really matter to me, but that is probably because I have never experienced it. I have never used another pump, and possibly never will. I can go in the water and not worry about anything. I think with a pump you have to disconnect it (which can lead to highs) and put it somewhere, but if you are at the beach, that can be difficult. I have no regrets about getting it, and I am staying with it. I think omnipod even has a satisfaction guarantee for about a month or so? I would not go back to shots or try another pump. The omnipod customer service has replaced the pods that have failed, and answer questions that you need answered. If you are unsure, try the sample pod you can get from them on their website, This is my opinion and have never used anything other than Multiple daily injections. If I could do it again I would. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or anyone else in the group.


This is a nice post! I have been podding since May and I love it also…

Hi Daniel, My Omnipod is being shipped and should arrive this week! Thanks for posting your experience with it - it’s very helpful. I’ve read a lot of negative stuff too (i.e. the cannula coming out and not knowing…). I hope it gets my % down - I’m pretty on it, but still went from 6.5 to 7.6 :frowning: I’m very positive about the pod though and I think it will really help me. Do you have any problems at all with insertion? Where do you wear your pod?
Thanks! Alice

Hey, thank you. I surely hope it brings down your A1C. The ONLY cannula problem I had was one that didn’t insert itself until about 30min after it was supposed to. I wear my pod on my lower back, stomach, and hips. It really is like it isn’t there.


Can I place this post “Anyone Thinking About Getting The Omnipod” on my blog???

I whole-heartedly agree! I have been on the pod almost a month now and am in love with it =) it has freed me up so much, and now i am not skipping doses just so no one sees. which was stupid to begin with. i go in the end of the month for my new A1C…i know it will be lower, all thanks to the pod!

YES! you certainly may!

great post…My son who is 6 was just diagnosed and we just got him on the omnipod 4 days ago…I am just so concerned about the pos staying on,do you ever put a piece of medical tape over th epod to keep it secure? also, do you cover the omnipod with a waterproof tape when you swim or do you leave it exposed. I know it is waterproof but i still felt like i should keep it covered…

I don’t put medical tape on it, because it just seems to stay on, but you certainly can if you want. Sometimes the pod kind of jiggles if it is on the stomach, but it probably just annoys me. I have put saran wrap and tape over it, but that was just to help keep it on when wakeboarding. Thank you for your comment, and I hope your son enjoys it as much as I do!

Hey Daniel,
Great post. Thanks. I had mixed feelings at first about the OmniPod because of all the negative posts I have found. However, I got the sample pod and that made up my mind. I can’t wait till I can get the real thing. It will be November before my warranty runs out and my insurance will pay for it so I will have to wait a little longer, but I am very excited. I started on injections, then went to the MiniMed 506 and now I am using the MiniMed Paradigm 715. I hated injections and I don’t like tubing at all so I am so ready to give the OmniPod a try. Thanks again for the post.

Thank You! I hope you like it!

Hi Daniel -

Just saw your post and wanted to recommend to you the Coban Wrap by 3M for securing your pod on while doing sports. It’s like an ace bandage that adheres to itself. We used this for my son, Will, who is 2 years old and loves the water. If you put the pod on your arm, it’s easy to wrap the Coban wrap around the arm and then the pod stays on all day in the water. When we were at the beach this summer, we just left the Coban wrap on for the full three days with the pod and took it off when we did the regular pod change. What’s also nice is the flexibility of this product. The only thing is, don’t get it in a color because the color apparently sweats off onto your skin (our CDE told me this). Our OmniPod rep also told me that the pod is an electrical device and that it needs to breathe - so putting saran wrap may not be the best solution - you wouldn’t want the pod to short out because it overheated somehow. Try the Coban wrap - I think you will be very happy at the results. Also, it’s available at most drugstores and only costs around $3.00 for a big roll - you’ll find it in the aisle with the band aides.

Your original post was really fantastic! I think it’s great how you are managing diabetes. You sound so positive. I hope my son turns out like you!! :+)

Take care,

Great post! We also use Coban wrap…for everything imaginable, baseball, wakeboarding etc… it works really well. Our son has been on the pod since April and says he really only feels diabetic every three days (when he changes the pod ) What a great change for our family! We encourage anyone interested to just give it a try!


Does anyone know if Humana covers this pump ?

I am looking into the whole pump issue. I am a big kid…OK… more like an olde foggie with grandkids. I have been doing shots for decades and last year had to go from 2 N+R mixed shots to MDI, 5+ shots a day…ouch.
I have never even seen a real pump, just pictures but I do hear about them a lot these days.

SO… I am surfing… wait a minute I can NOT surf! (did try it once) anyway reading reading adn more reading about anything and everything pumps…

(*&( GOMER

New member Robin here. I have been reading alot of your posts in trying to decide if I wanted to go the omnipod way of pumping.

And my decision is YES

My order shipped today and I’ll be poding very soon

Thanks all of you.

Hi Daniel,
I really wanted to thank you for the post. I have been considering a pump for quite some time now and was really interested in the OmniPod. Now that i have read all of this i am more sure than ever. I am currently waiting for them to ship me my demo pod and become familiar with it. Thanks so much.

Thank You! I hope you love the omnipod as much as I do!

Welcome Robin! I absolutely love the omnipod system, and I wouldn’t go back to shots ever!