Can you donate an expired Transmitter to be hacked?

Hello everyone,

I am after an expired G4 transmitter that I may attempt to open and manually replace the batteries. If successful I will fully document the process to help others who are self funding their CGMs.

Also I will be working at setting the Transmitter up with Dexdrip to provide a low as possible entry cost to a CGM - again fully documented.

It is very difficult to find anyone on a CGM let alone with a G4 in the UK, I hope this group can help.

Many thanks,

Info on Dexdrip:

I just got mine, but I will send it to you as soon as it dies if you still need it!

Btw I checked the Dexdrip project and looks great!



Thanks Jorge!

Yep Dexdrip sounds very cool, I'm looking forward to playing with it hopefully :)

I mailed mine to a fellow in Canada who is working on the same thing a few months ago. There is a German fellow here who has successfully managed to change the batteries in the G4 transmitter. Check out this link :

Thanks Clare,

Yes I have seen Joern post (original and translated) and used it to help me open the 7+ transmitter:

While there is a lot of info there I am planning to write something that is easier to follow and replace the more complicated / require special tools steps with easier to follow ones to open this up to more people.

Did the person in Canada document their progress?