Dexcom G4 Transmitter Battery Replacement

I'm working on a method to replace the pancake batteries in the G4 transmitter. I need some dead transmitters to work out the kinks. If you send me your transmitter and I'm successful I'll let you know. If not, it was garbage anyway.Please contact me at cbgdjg@ bellsouth if interested.

I saw a video on "YouTube" (could possibly have been Vimeo though) several months ago showing a step by step process on how to replace the batteries in the G4 transmitter. At the time I also searched through the publicly available, actual Dexcom patent documents which outline pretty much everything in detail.

I whined to Dexcom about the transmitter & of course their response is, "SEND US MORE MONEY". I tried to explain to them that; If they want me to continue to send them $300/mo for sensors for the rest of my life, I'll need their hardware to work. They sent me a new one mostly "free ISH", "free-like", after asking for the CEO's assistant & finally conversing with a VP. I'm scared to add up how much cash I've already given them over the years. I'm a little annoyed that they want hundreds of dollars for a new transmitter when it just needs

My transmitter batteries are now dead. Unfortunately, I can't locate the video that I previously saw on how to replace the transmitter batteries. I don't see it in my "Chrome" browsing history & am unsure of exactly what keywords I originally used to locate it.

However, I DO remember the process (mostly) & will be soon attempting to perform the process on video.

Basically the plastic on the "top" of the transmitter (opposite side of the metal contacts) must be VERY GENTLY cut/ground off to expose the top of the batteries. From there it's just a matter of removing them, inserting new ones & (if I remember correctly) soldering a single new lead/conductor/wire to the tops new batteries & also back to the old/existing wire that was cut in order to remove them from the plastic. A 2-part epoxy can be used to reseal the transmitter. It won't look pretty, but will work.

Wondering if you made any progress with this?