Searching for dead "slim" G4 transmitters

Hi @all Dexcom fans!

It’s time for a new tutorial / video changing the flat batteries of the newer
slim model of the G4 transmitter. I’m curious about it, if it is possible and
the difficulty level. For the trial, i need your flat ones. Please send me a
message if you have a dead one.

Thanks and cheers!

There have been a number of discussions on this previously. This is actually quite difficult and the result is less than pleasing. Here is a picture of the end of one effort:

I am not aware of anyone doing this with the slim G4 so it may be even more difficult and ugly. I wouldn’t really recommend this.

Hi Brian,

i’ve done this with the 7+ and the G4. And now i want to do it with
the slim model. Here you see my actual G4 transmitter. I’ve replaced
the batteries several times - works great!

I wonder if you could get to do a teardown of a Dexcom transmitter.

ifixit typically takes things a step further. Not only do they expose the “innards” of a device, they also try to speculate a bit on how it operates. (In the case of some of Apple’s proprietary processors they actually went so far as send off the CPU to have the lithography of the chip examined.)

It would, sorta, fit in with the emphasis on reuse which the site champions.

ifixit only take popular devices apart. I am sure that every non-diabetic
doesn’t know Dexcom.

Perhaps. But they may surprise you. Or they may not. Who knows?

The integration of personal tech into the “health industry” is definitely happening in any case. Those of us using CGM are just on a leading edge of one direction the tech companies are also heading in.