Can you feel your insulin when you bolus?

Hey all, I just got my pump, One Touch Ping, Sunday! In which I am very happy about.. My site is on my back hip area and the first time I bolused during my training when had the speed set on normal both myself and my doctor thinking it wouldn't bother me... Well by golly did I feel it and was cursing because it hurt. So we then set it on slow.. Now it goes in slow but I can occasionally feel it.. and it is a somewhat sore and painful feeling, this isn't all the time just some of the time since I have had the pump...

has this happened or does this happen to you all?

do you think it is something I may just have to get used too.



Unfortunate that you should feel anything becuz of the pump! I have never felt anything from the pump other than when I’m inserting the quickset. Maybe you should ask your DR. Could it be the type of insulin? If it is, maybe the doc would switch you. In any case, good luck!!!



I have the One Touch Ping and I have been using it for three months. Sometimes I feel the burn, but most of the time I don’t. I guess it all depends on where it is on my body. Like right now, I have it farther down almost on my leg, but still kind of on my butt, and when I bolus I can definitely feel it burn a little bit. Usually when it’s on my side of my hip I don’t feel it, but it all depends. It used to bother me, but I got used to it…I think it might just be where your skin might be more sensitive. But long story short…it happens to me too! (Although more often I don’t feel it.)

I have a Medtronic Paradigm 722, and I sometimes feel it. People have been claiming that the higher delivery rate on the Animas causes the sensation, but I’m convinced that no matter what the rate, some people feel it because of the change in the fluid at the infusion site.

So it might take 5 minutes to deliver my bolus, but occasionally I’ll feel a mild burning or discomfort. This has also happened to me with small corrections of 0.5u, so it can’t be that I’m feeling the “pressure” of fluid being pumped in, I must be feeling some reaction to the insulin once it’s under the skin.

I think it just happens. Sometimes I can feel it and it burns like the dickens, and sometimes I don’t feel anything.

Well that helps some, atleast I am not the only one who can feel it.
Cause it is quite odd… sometimes I don’t feel it but when I do, it stings.

my doctor said it is probably my body just getting used to it. =)
thanks you all!


I only feel it when I first insert the infusion set. Usually it isn’t painful, but I notice it. When I have a bad (painful) infusion set then it hurts, but that has been rare for me!

What infusion set are you using? That might have something to do with it.

Bolusing should not be painful!

I feel it when I first insert the site and when the site becomes irritated or slightly infected.

If I have an infusion site in my leg I feel it because I do not have enough fat there. I have also found that my site does not last as long there as other places on my body. It is just trial and error to see where you feel it and where you do not.

Mine usually only burns if the insulin is cold.

I use the Omnipod. The burning sensation only happens to me when I have a gusher. Other than that I don’t feel the bolus at all.

I have had my pump for about 5 years now. I have PLENTY of fat on my body. I would say that 90% of the time, it always burns. I don’t think it has anything to do with the insulin being cold, the amount of fat on your body (unless I have too much) or that it just takes time getting used it.

Because of this, I have set the pump to slow, a long time ago and also use combo bolus where I give myself the insulin over a 30 minute time frame. The 6 minute time frame is too short and it still burns even if I just deliver 1 unit!

Watch out if you do the combo bolus for 30 minutes because I have found that when I do that, my blood sugar spikes way up as I am eating and takes a long time to come back down, leaving me feeling icky after most of my meals. I try to get my insulin 30 minutes ahead of time, but is hard to do so when I don’t know when/what I’m eating.

I do think, the burn is caused by the way your body works with the current infusion sets. Until now, I have just dealt with it, but I would like for it to stop. I am calling Animas to ask for different infusion sets to try out.

I do not feel it all but I have a MM and it goes in quite slowly. Love this as it goes slow and I can stop a bolus if an error without too much in me already.

Its funny because I used to infuse in my arms with my Ping. When I switched to my abdomen on the Medtronic Revel, I get sympathy pains in my arms when I bolus. My arms start to ache like they did with the Ping…but Im going in my abdomen…lol Maybe its just me…?

Is the insulin cold or is it at room temp? It makes a difference. That is the only time I would feel some stinging. I do know that the Animus is known to infuse faster than the MM and it can cause that stinging.