Infusion site hurting?

I’ve been on the Ping for 2 months now. In the past couple weeks/days I’ve been having a lot of times where my insulin will sting really badly when it’s being delivered (this only ever happened rarely when I manually injected my lantus) and even the sites on the skin seem to hurt, if it gets pushed on or something. Does anyone have any advice for this?

Animas pump delivers the insulin quickly. Go into your settings and change your delivery rate to “slow”

To counter this pain, even when I have delivery set to slow, I always use a square wave bolus and have insulin delivered either over 0.1 hours (6 minutes), 0.5 hours, 1 hour or 1.5 hours - depending on how large the bolus is. This may also help you

I’ve been on the ping for about 2 months too. I’ve only had 1 infusion set literally hurt from the second I placed it to when I had to rip it out less than a day later. I think it was a site issue, when I pulled out the cannula the spot was black and blue. It especially hurt injecting insulin. Have you changed the infusion set/site since this started happening? Which infusion set and insulin are you using?

Mine would sting BIG TIME. My solution was to give everything as a Combo Bolus at 0.1 hour. (6 minutes). Works great!

Yes I have changed it multiple times, I’m using the Inset currently and have been since I started. I’m on Novolog. I’ve only had one site that was slightly bloody but that one never hurt either.

Thanks I’ll have to try that!

Sometimes when you insert set you can hurt nerve endings. I have little more fat tissue so this happens rarely for me (in two years that I have pump, I think I had to change site 5 times, because of hurt), but some of my friends say, that this happens to them quite regulary (once every 2 months).

Hi Rebecca - this usually only happens to me (the stinging) when I place my set in a less “fleshy” area, like my upper butt, lower back, etc. I like my setting at fast, but changing it to slow might help you.

As for soreness at the site, it can happen. Sometimes if I have the set in certain areas, like say, my stomach and I’m doing something where I’m leaning against it - doing dishes, yoga, etc., it can get sore. If it gets too sore, that’s usually a clue to me that the site has “gone bad” and I need to change. But then again, I change sites every 48 hours because I am fair skinned and thin skinned - I just have to.

Hope that helps,