Insulin delivery sting?

I was told by a MiniMed rep that with the Ping insulin delivery is so fast that many people get a burning/stinging sensation. Is this true? I am a day away from ordering, actually, I have my approval in hand, so could use some input from Animas users.

Many thanks!

I was told all kinds of things by various reps of the different available pumps. I decided to verify them all on my own, and did a saline trial of a number of pumps. I ended up choosing the Animas Ping, while a friend of mine unhesitatingly chose the Omnipod. Having tried all of them with saline for one to two weeks each, I can say I experienced no difficulties with the actual infusion on any of them.

I almost never notice the infusion on my Ping at all. Occasionally, if I do a large bolus, I’ll feel something at the infusion site that might be described as a sting, but it’s VERY minor. And truth be told, when I was on MDI, my own injections were AT LEAST as fast as the Ping gives them to me.

I love the Ping.

Good luck!

Hallo Rosie,

Don’t be fooled by rumors! The Ping has two modes of pumping a bolus: Normal and Slow. The normal mode pumps the entire dose at once while the slow methods breaks the dose into single unit portions with about a two second delay in-between. I always use the slow method and it causes NO pain while the normal method can cause some discomfort, especially when a relatively large bolus is being delivered. It is easily changed but remains the same until you run the set-up again if so desired.

I am sorry, but since the majority of MM sales force are NOT actual pump users, I doubt that they have their facts straight with respect to Animas or perhaps even their own product. Most Animas reps are actual users! I have been with Animas for nine years and I do NOT experience any pain from their pump, infusion sets, methodologies, etc.

All the luck with your new pump! I have no doubt that you will find the Ping quite an excellent choice.

All the best, Jack

i have the precursor to the Ping, the 2020. Sometimes it stings, sometimes it doesn’t. you can set your own delivery speed on animas pumps. i find that the stinging sensation, the rare times it happens, is more related to the infusion set’s location than the delivery speed. but for me at least, with my 2020, it almost never happens

I’m with Marti. Both my daughter and I have Pings… If it stings, it has more to do with where the site is than the pump. I very rarely feel anything at all. Like the others, I use the slow mode.

I felt this guy was pulling at straws when he was giving me his spiel, I even caught him in a couple of lies, but I just wanted to be sure I had made the right choice. I’m excited now and will fax my approval letter over to my Animas rep. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!

How interesting that the mini-med people would say this. I would never buy anything from someone who felt they had to discredit the competition…I use the slower injection with my ping…4 seconds between each unit.Sometimes I feel it a little, but not uncomfortable. I guess you could call it a sting, but not bad enough to warrant not using this amazing little pump!!!

When I first got a pump it was the 2020 4 yrs ago and the first bolus did “burn”. I have used the “slow” mode ever since. I have a ping now and that was one of the first settings I changed. I could never push my insulin through the syringe very fast either. As others have said the boluses on slow don’t hurt, but I can feel a little something almost a cold sensation sometimes.

Agree about trying to discredit the competition. The pump should sell itself plain and simple.

Interestingly the only “sting” I have felt recently is when I was using a Medtronic pump. Like others I think it is more of a placement thing. I also think sometimes it also may be because too long or short catheters. Regardless I have not seen anyone that it is a continous problem for.

I agree with all who said it was mostly where you put it. I have places the Dr. said should be good, but aren’t. Nerves are close to the skin or something…but they just don’t work! But after a while, you get to know where the “good” spots are…

the medtronic rep when i was pump shopping is the reason i decided against medtronic. had already had a pump class, put my hands on the pumps and read the books. he told me outright lies about the other pumps and was unable to answer my questions about medtronic products and water resistance. the answer was in the brochure, i just wanted to see if he knew it. he didn’t.
i have had nothing but clear information and great service from animas, whether it’s about the pump or about the software

Yes, Animas has been great to deal with. The pump is just a little machine! Never a bump in the road…I love it!

If I had a dollar every time I heard this story…

You know, the outright lies really did turn me away from this sales rep (MM). I’ve been with them for 25 years, but his blatant lies did nothing for me. I did ask him to call me back today so that I could check in here with my concerns and he never returned my call. I guess he knew he was going to get an earful. Anyhoo, I’m pleased with my decision to jump ship and I’m grateful for the support that I have received from you all. Will let you know how happy I am once the new pump arrives. :o) IYOpinion, should I let Medtronic know what I think of their rep? I’ve never encountered this type of BS before.

{{hugs}} Rose

Sure, it can’t hurt to let them know. I believe in complimeting where it’s due, and reporting incompetence, etc.where it’s due. The company can do what they want with the info, but at least I’ve put in my 2 cents.

I love my pink Ping. I don’t think I’ve had more than one sting ever from a bolus. I do have it set to slow. 90% of the people I’ve talked with at Animas (sales reps, tech support, etc.) either wear a pump or live with someone who does. They’ve been nothing but helpful.

I had a similar experience. Over a year ago, when I first began to have interest in a pump, I spoke first with the CDE to look at the pumping process, then to several reps to talk about pumps and the advantages of their particular brand. I ruled out the Omnipoid right away because it seemed to me that I could easily knock off the pump from where it was mounted. I then spoke with the Animas rep. He is a CDE and is the trainer. He showed me the pump, the one he wears, how to calculate various basil and bolus formulas, the advantages of the Animas pump and how it worked. Nothing was said about the competitor, positive or negative. I then spoke with the MM rep. His attitude was that I should just order the MM pump now because it is the best one. Anyone who is anyone at all uses a MM pump and the rest are just fake copies. I remember asking him about a colour screen and he said that it was coming in a new pump in February of 2010. Has anyone seen it? Animas was the best choice for me. There are those who will agree with that statement, and others who won’t.

Thank you very much! I know I’ve made the right decision in choosing the Ping. I think MM has been the leader for so long that some of their reps find it necessary to say anything to get the sale. I felt this guy was desperate, to say the least. He even asked if I had heard about their new infusion set that’s been approved in Europe. Hellooooo? That’s a weak point in trying to pursuade me seeing how it takes forever for the FDA to approve things here. As far as I’m concerned it’s over and done with. I did months of research before making my choice and I’m quite certain it’s the right one. Now I want my PING!!!

Sorry, just a little burst of excitement there. ;o)

I spoke with a friend who works for a big pharm company last night. She suggested that the place to report dishonest or unknowledgeable sales people is the FDA. If they get enough reports, they will eventually investigate.

You bet you want your Ping! I can’t wait for mine to be hooked up. I have only 13 days to wait. this journey took me over a year, with a couple of insurance denials. The Animas people have been some of the easiest people with whom to conduct business. I got the feeling they really wanted me to be happy and comfortable with whatever decision there was to make.

I hate looking at the pump sitting on my desk. I would rather look at it hooked to my belt.

I dont think that would work very well.
I dont really think every person at Animas wears a pump, and I dont think we can expect every pump co. employee to wear one. I have had good help from pumpers and non, Minimed and Animas.
But the stupid supply house I have to deal with to get authorization for a new pump, has reps who dont have a clue about it.
No one is going to go after them.
And 11 years ago when I started pumping, another supply place told me right out the employees dont understand pumps.
I’ve had insurance agents who dont know a thing about it either, even though they sell health insurance.
I just dont think there is any way to prevent this.