Can you recommend a good glucometer?

Thanks to both of you. I will look into it!!

Contour Next. I switched back from Freestyle Lite. My Freestyle Lite readings were biased low, 12% low on average. Bias is sadly missing from many of the test strip reviews and ratings.

My endo doesn’t like low numbers. During last appointment I told my endo we need to change test strips fif she wants to see higher numbers. So I’m back to Contour Next.

Lucky you. My endo seems to not care whether my readings are off or not. She won’t call for a preauthorization and my insurance will only cover Freestyle without it.

Another vote for the Contour Next. Test strips are affordable, the meter (Contour Next One) is small and has Bluetooth functionality, and the accuracy is very high.

For decades I used one touch and then one touch ultra when it came along and my readings were always low. When I went on Medicare and Dexcom CGM, Dexcom sent me a monthly supply kit of sensors, test strips, lancets, etc. My first delivery from Dexcom came with a Contour Next meter and supplies and I was apprehensive going to a new meter after decades of One Touch products. The Contour Next was for me a huge upgrade from the One Touch. The meter is much smaller and extremely accurate, within 3 points of what is read at doctor’s office taken at same time from same finger. A few months ago my Contour Next meter fell out of my pocket in the garage and I ran over it with the car. When I went to buy a replacement, was amazed how inexpensive it was. There is always someone running a coupon or discount of some sort on this meter so although it lists for about $80, it can usually be bought in the $7-$15 range. The company makes their money on the strips, not the meter.

Thanks everyone. I am going to bite the bullet and buy a Contour Next.

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