Need some help! Kind of lost

Hi, i’m looking for the best accurate glucometer for the normal and low sugar level. I’m not ( yet) diabetic. But keep doing a lot of hypoglycemia. So my doc ask me to take my blood sugar espacialy when i feel the begining of an hypoglycemia. Are all the brand good in low blood sugar level? I was looking at the Freestyle lite and contour next or next one.

Thank you for your help!


Here is comparison from 2016, so doesn’t include latest versions/ models. Contour Next is what I use and find it very accurate.

If you are using insurance coverage, they often only cover specific brand, so you might want to check that.


Contour Next is the only brand I use. Have zero issues with accuracy.

Contour Next is usually considered the most accurate. My insurance doesn’t cover Contour Next so I use the Freestyle Lite and it generally reads pretty well but sometimes I find that it reads a little lower than what my real BG is (about 10 mg/dl).

My son (10 yrs old) uses the Contour Next and the One Touch Flex I really like both of them, and yes they detect low blood sugar as well! Keep a good eye on the hypos they can be very dangerous! If I had to choose between the two I would say the Contour Next is the better one!

I have been diabetic for over 30 years and have had a chance to test many different meters. The best one on the market at this time by far is the Contour Next One meter. It is a small meter, the most accurate, and test strips are easily available worldwide if you travel.

I would recommend that you get a Contour Next One Testing Kit. The meter alone is about $9, 100 test strips are about $42 and then you still need lancets. A complete kit is under $50.

You will be able to use the same lancet for several weeks or even months. Your big cost is actually the test strips which run about .42 each bought in small quantities. In large quantities of 500 or more cost only drops down to about .38 per strip.

You can buy a kit from Amazon or any big box pharmacy. At the pharmacy, the kits usually only come with 10 test strips or 20 strips in their various value packs. Here is an Amazon link to the kit with 100 test strips.


I think anything will be good enough, but here’s the report if your super interested in the details. Note: I use a brand that failed. I find its the cheapest and is good enough (over the counter at Walmart).


Want me to drop ship a pair of Contour Next One meters to you?


I just changed to a G6, so I haven’t been testing much. I just like to support Walmart’s efforts to provide supplies OTC. I am positively reinforcing those efforts with strip purchases. I like to support any and all efforts to sidestep the medical industrial complex. hehehe. Make me feel like I am ‘sticking it to the man.’


Wow. Not very long about these were about 21 cents each.

Write postcards show support.
Send emails to your Congress Reps.

When it comes to yourself tell yourself this every day:

“Good Enough is not Good Enough For Me.”

And then go get yourself the best of whatever (like meters and strips) that you can reasonably afford.


I have had a AccuCheck, several Different One Touch and Contour Next meters. My two most oft used One Touch Verios that I have used for years and still do along with my Contour Next have always been within a couple of points of my Contour Next meter.

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Test strips, like gasoline and other items are commodity supplies and yes, they can be anywhere from $0.21-$0.42 in price in medium order quantities. The trick is whenever a price war starts it never lasts more than a few weeks and that is the time to stock up if you can afford to at a much lower price. For me it is no longer an issue as I am on Medicare Dexcom G5 and Medicare requires Dexcom to supply sufficient amount of monthly test strips along with sufficient supply of sensors and lancets each month included as part of what they call the monthly renewal package. So, if anything, I end up with more test strips every month than I can actually use.

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It is difficult to know your exact needs so I will say that if you want the most accurate I woudl chose a contour. I love my contour meter. However, you may not need that level of accuracy for what you need. I am a big fan of of the Abott Freestyle Libre’ for trends which might be more important than actual numbers for your purpose. Often tends are far more useful. The freestyle is a pretty inexpensive 14 day device that is usually a bit off my countour when I have to wear it. There is also a freestyle meter and that might work, however I have never used one.

If you doctor is a regular endocrinologist they may have access to a Medtronic product.

The I-Pro is a doctor tool that can be used to track blood sugars for a brief period I doubt this would work in your case, but it might. This is likely the least expensive option.

Finally, I understand Walgreen is starting to carry Dexcom products and while it might be the most expensive option, this might be the best 7 day wear process.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. In fact, they do not pay me at all. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Seeing that you aren’t on insulin. You could use under 50 is hypo and 50-70 is low and normal is 70-100 fasting. I think the cheapest strips you can get will be fine. Walmart I think, they are all accurate enough for what you want to do?

After a meal it may be higher and then crash. If you google reactive hypoglycemia, you may find that is what is happening. There are some other bigger reasons, for non diabetic hypo

I use Contour Next One and a Contour Next USB, both glucometers have an accuracy of 8.4%. New glucometers can have an accuracy of anywhere in the 15% range, with many meters still available giving results in the old standard with a 20% (in)accuracy.