Contour next glucometer

I just got a 630g insulin pump to replace my vibe pump. I am slowly getting used to it.I also now have the contour next glucometer instead of my Freestyle lite. How does everyone manage with this glucometer? I find if you are right handed the strip port is on the left, and if you turn it around the screen is upside down. Does anyone use it in the dark? I need some positive comments as this is very challenging with the changes.

I had been a long-time One-Touch user when I got my 630g pump and had to switch to the Contour.

Some things I love about it:

  • It charges via USB (and holds a charge for quite some time), finally, a diabetes treatment device that doesn’t consume disposable batteries!
  • It’s small and very portable.
  • It doesn’t have codes that I have to use to program the meter.

Some things I don’t love about it:

  • The carry-pack is just a bit too small for it to close easily. Trying to zip it closed is always a tight fit.
  • I like the one touch lancet pen thing better. That’s a personal preference and has nothing to do with the meter, though.
  • I had to get a note from my doctor for my insurance company to cover the strips, since they preferred the one-touch brands.
  • The meter is the only way to download pump data to my computer.
  • The older contours can’t connect to the 630g (I had a 5xx series pump that also had a contour meter, though that pump could also sync to my one-touch ultra).
  • Medtronic’s home user software for viewing data from the meter / pump on my PC is outdated.

Some things I’m kind of “meh” about:

  • I don’t always use the tags it asks for “Pre-meal”, “Post-meal” and so on. They’re kind of annoying, but not so much that it gets in the way.
  • I’m left handed, so the strip port being on the left doesn’t bother me. But yes, a more square-shaped meter is easier to use, with strips at the top or bottom.

I went back to Freestyle Lite test strips after discussion with endo on differences in readings between the two. Freestyle LIte results consistently run about 12% below Contour Next when I’ve done side by side.

This does bring up a question or problem if comparing HbA1Cs for different pimp/CGM systems. Is any difference because the pump/CGM did a better job, or because the test strips used for calibration introduce and systematic bias?

I will watch for that, although it is nice to have the number sent to the pump and have it suggest a correction., but if it’s inaccurate I guess it wouldn’t be worth it.

Have used many different meters in my lifetime and the Contour is (in my option ) the most accurate. The rest of the cons I can live with! I use a old one touch vial in the case as its hafe the size. Case zips up nicely now :slight_smile:

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I really like that the contour meter is rechargeable and came with the cord. The newer “regular” meters take batteries. Hate it. Love the rechargeable feature. Kept my old “regular” meters that are rechargeable, too. I find there are many USB ports where I work and live, and not many spare batteries.

My contour test strips are about 2 -3 mmol higher than my Freestyle lite. Yesterday My bloodsugars were in the higher range. I never do that with my blood sugar. I usually go down after I correct, but according to these strips my control is not good. This is driving me crazy!!!

I have used the Accu-Chek Aviva for almost 10 years. This weekend I started the Dexcom for the first time and they included a Contour Next One glucometer in their supplies. I have compared the results for the 2 meters about 6 times, and every single time the Contour has been about 20% higher than Accu-Chek—sometimes more. Some examples: 209-179/ 157-126/220-179/64/50. Those are pretty significant differences.
Does anyone have any experiences along those lines?

Did you check with the test solution?

Personally I would go with the contour

You can buy a bayer countour next off ebay for 5 dollars - same strips - I use it to compare occasionally and for backup

The five dollar one I got had 10 strips and an online offer for a nice case which I got - free

My educator uses the samemeter. She told me that the contour measures the bloodsugar differently. She gave me a smaller vial than the freestlye vial.

Tony, thanks for the response and reminder about the test solution. I did do that just now, and the test solution result was 140 and their desired range was 113-140. Since it tested at the very top of the accepted range, and since my own comparisons are high, I assume that this particular meter just tests high. I called Contour about the test and their rep, of course, thought that looked good to him.

Make sure to shake the test solution as it can get concentrated/weak in the first drop

Then test it again for the heck of it

I would not assume it tests high over one test

I would agree with the rep - it was in range - a valid number

Also read reviews on meters


I consider my non-diabetic family members to be more reliable than those control solutions.
Just my non-professional opinion.

We use the Contour Next meters/strips and consider them to be excellent.

I also do not think the magic of the technology is in the meter. I think the meter is a relatively simple device. My opinion, it is all about the strip.

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What Tim said.

I loved my Contour meter. One of the most accurate meters out there and love that if you didn’t get enough blood on it, you could add. A real saving on wasted strips! And over the years, I have had meters that talked to my pump and meters that didn’t. I just entered the information manually and it has never been an issue. So if there is a meter you prefer, you should use what you like. Just remember you have to manually enter blood sugars. I have never found it a deal breaker for which meter or pump I have used.

I love mine, mostly because its rechargable. The whole upside down to me is a non issue…I mean, how much effort is it to turn it around?

I am doing well with the contour next glucometer. It didn’t take me very long to get used to it. I like the simplicity of the bloodsugars being sent to my 630g and being able to correct and calibrate my sensor.

I like the Contour meter and my understanding is that it is one of the most accurate. As for testing in the dark, I have the battery-operated kind sold at drug stores (and the battery lasts a long long time)-- not the rechargeable one that comes with the Medtronic pump. If you press the button twice quickly BEFORE you insert the test strip, once you insert the strip you will get a light for testing in the dark.
The light is not as bright as the one on my previous meter (a One Touch). I wish it were brighter since it’s quite hard to test in the dark, but it’s usable. And, on the bright side (or, really, the dim side), you’re less likely to disturb someone if you’re testing during a movie.

A low lumen headlamp - a blessing at night

this is a nice one - yeah - it ain’t cheap but it has tons of uses - nothing like a headlamp

.06 lumens will light up all you need with night vision

I agree. The orange light does not give off much brightness. I think it needs a brighter port light too.