Can you use humalog for correction along with Novolin N & R?

Due to insurance restrictions I had to give up my lantus pens :( My endo gave me a dosage to start with Novolin N and R twice per day. I took my first dose last night at dinner time. My numbers were a little higher than I would have liked before going to bed but when I took my fasting this morning it was 122, so I was happy with that. I took my morning injection and a little later I had 25 carbs for breakfast. I did a little around the house along with some work research. I then got on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I decided to wait another hour and test and it was 202 :( Well I had not had any lunch yet. That was about an hour ago and I'm hungry so decided to have half an avocado with some balsamic vinegar on it.

I sent an email to my doc and waiting for a reply, but can I still use the humalog for corrective insulin? Are is my body still trying to regulate the new insulins? I've been reading up on the Novolin insulins and I know their timings are different. I guess I was expecting my reading to be fairly level after that timing of the insulin, eating and exercise. Am I thinking wrong?

The short answer is yes. And actually Bernstein typically has his patients use R for meals and an insulin like Humalog for correction. It can take some time to adjust to new insulin, you may need to take different doses and it can take several days for your basal insulin to smooth out.

I just checked it again and it's now 165 so it's come down since I ate the half of avocado.

I've only been on insulin since last August. I was diagnosed 26 years ago. At some point it's got to get less confusing :)

And thanks for the reply Brian.