Canadian Diabetes Association 's Summer Surge , Salmon Arm , BC, Canada

Gordon and I are celebrating my 69 th birthday , July 25. We are inviting everyone, who would like to be here in person or virtually to make a donation to the CDA instead of birthday cards and gifts. Our original fund raising goal started out at CAN
$ 1,000.00 ; we have recently changed it to CAN .$ 1,400.00 . You can donate on line
or send me a message for more detail .
Hundred percent of the donations will go to the Canadian Diabetes Association towards service, education , advocacy and research . We will host the celebration at a local bistro.

To see the website where Nel and Gordon are featured, click here. To make a donation, click here.

Congratulations Nel and we wish you all the best on this great initiative!!!

Kristen, awesome job you did to help the CDA raise awareness and one million dollars this summer. Publicly here a virtual hug and 3 kisses the Dutch way from N.

As off this morning Gordon and I have raised CAN …$ 932.00 for the CDA and it is not even my BD yet …AND with 5 confirmed guests from Vancouver, BC …a 6 hour drive to PARTY with us ; UP to GO .A good place to pitch a tent on our property , as long as we remember to shut off our sprinkler system , ha, ha .

Gordon and especially I in total awe …we are so close to $ 2,500.00 today , July 30 . our goal has been upped !
What a tremendous response and support to help end diabetes …actually 6 guests from Vancouver area , incl our grandson Kyle …was not into tenting ; the first night the coyotees were calling him…
One can still have a virtual gelato ( I had diet choc…, oh my ) till August 15, 2009 …The Association is aiming for one million dollars with 17 more days to go …let’s help them and us living with diabetes .

Sept. 15 officially the last day this year of DSS ; CDA and Surgers raised awereness and over 1/2 million dollars . Our total as of today $ 3,267.00…well over our goal of $ 1,400.00. THANKS to all our Supporters/Donors. I had a GREAT 69 th birthday :slight_smile:

the total was topped up to $ 3,336.00, HURAH …Thanks again …N.

I did not get that phone call from the CDA I dreamed about …would have love to have won the trip to Disney World …as one of those , who raised more than $ 2,500.00 …on the other hand some lucky person did :wink: …they will have FUN , no doubt. The winners are travelling with Team Diabetes ( I would have done the half Marathon , IF …) Being at the age of 69 is GOOD …ask me .