Diabetes Walks?

Both the JdRf and American Diabetes Association walks will be taking place in my area in the upcoming weeks. So this kinda got me thinking, I’d like to know how many years you’ve lived with Diabetes and how many (approx.) walks you have participated in?

I will begin…

Years living with Diabetes: 26 years Type 1
Walks I have participated in: Zero or 0

6 years. Type 1.

0 walks. [the closest one is over 4 hours away:( ]

Yrs. diabetic - 7.5

This coming weekend will be my first

52 years with the challenge. 3 walks. They started when I became a board member on the northern Connecticut/ western Mass. chapter. And down in Charleston this past March with my daughter (4 years, 1 walk).

You got it. You won the big prize!!!

10 years, 0 walks, 1 tour de cure (cycling) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement. Was hoping to write a blog post after. My husband and kids are going to walk with me. A little excited to see what else happens at these events.

28 plus years …not for ADA, but CDA :slight_smile: …Team Diabetes Canada celebrated 10 years this spring …I have done 10 , incl. full M , 1/2 M , 10 k walks , 8 k walks with them , in Canada, Italy , Florida, USA …I did bike rides in mid eighties with CDA in BC . I have done a walk with JDRF in Kelowna , BC , Canada once. …I love fund raising for the cause and love walking …both equals a healthy body :slight_smile:
PS have done numerous walks with SPCA , cause I have a soft spot for the animals in my heart .
Had a dream of cycling BC for the CDA , BC and Yukon Region , well before it became popular to bike from coast to coast in Canada…in my next life !!!