Sending a Glucomessenger (cell phone) to school with you're kid

I am trying to decide if my son would do well with a phone that he can text to me codes, and more important that I could text to him, Has anyone had any experience with this? I also will be sending a Glucomon to school with him on Monday, Thats a small device that sends me his bg #s on my phone and to my pc, That thing is really cool, If any of you are intrested go to ,They have some new technology that can help parents take care of their kids when they are away, with this my son will soon be able to sleep at a friends house or his grandparents.


My daughter uses the glucophone at school and it has been AWSOME. This way she can text or call me AND it automatically sends me her bg when she checks. It has made both of our lives easier. I would hate to spend $30 a month on something that can only be used to text. It cost us $15 total to add Hailey’s glucophone to our existing cell phone service and I know she can call me when she is needing more than she can text.

Hi Nicole, I was starting to think no one sends their kid to school with a a cell phone, I don’t know many, well actually, no one that has a 6 year old with a phone, I ended up getting him one he can talk on, as well as text, Its worked out great. I have a really bad nurse she can’t remember nothing, so I had to finally take over with the help of the UDCA’s Cade is safer at school ,and I know you have heard me talk about the GlucoMon, That is a tremendous help not only at school but for logging bg number’s, I don’t have to do that anymore.
Do you still use the mic hook up for the cgm alarms? That’s been a big help, but I am looking for one a little smaller.
Glad to hear from you ,


Sure have :smiley: I am also doing all of Hailey’s care, it bites when you cannot feel your child is safe under the care of a nurse :frowning:
We are still using the mic, I too have been searching for a smaller unit. No luck yet. Let me know if you run across something!

I am going to Seattle next weekend for the pump conference, I am on a mission to find something that can help us, I will let you know what I find out, My MM rep said that someting would be out soon and that was 9 months ago, I guess soon to them means within the next 2 years.

What is a glucophone? It is a cell phone with a bg meter built into it. Now when Hailey does not want to take all of her stuff she can just grab her cell, strips, and poker. It sends bg results to your cell phone within moments of the test.

Is your child on the pump or injections? how old is your child?

Hailey is 11 and the pump. We also know a 7 year old, 6 year old, 16 year old, and a 9 year old that all use the glucophone. All kids in our local support group.

Hi Kerry,

Yep. My daughter uses the GlucoMON and the Texter service (data only cell phone) from and we get real-time alerts to our cell phones plus we also get blood glucose trending logs for pattern management which we do every 4 - 7 days because it’s easy. I’ve even been talking to more endos who are starting to understand how critical ease of communication is for families with type 1. Just because we jump through hoops and get everyone at school to say they will follow the written plan doesn’t mean they do so anything we can do as parents to provide the tools to make it easier is really our responsibility IMO. Creating a safety-net by any means possible like you are doing and others here as well is way better than just dropping your kids off and hoping for the best.

It’s a cell phone with an add-on pack that functions as a glucose meter (values show up on the phone screen). The strips are made by a company called Infopia in Korea and it uses a 3uL blood sample according to their product literature. Not sure how you get the phone to work on your cell phone plan? Nicole?

I agree 100%. My son 3 1/2 yrs old (dx’d 4-19-2006) goes to preschoool 3 days a week 3 hrs a day and I am very blessed that his teacher keeps in contact with me. It’s a private preschool with no nurse. His teacher is better than a nurse. I am a little scared to send him to public school when it is time because of all the HORROR stories I’ve heard. The glugophone does sound like a great idea. I am definitely going to look into it when he starts school full0time.

Basically you slide the pack onto the back of the phone, go online and sign in, type in the phone number you want messages sent to and you are done. You do need to make sure that you have data enabled on the phone, I called verizon and they did that for me easily. If you have any trouble figuring it out the tech at glucophone is always very helpful.