Cancer therapy effect on BS

I’m wondering if anyone has been through either radiation or chemo and what it did to blood sugar numbers

I have had neither. These are some ideas.

The ‘package insert’ document of the chemo drugs should have impact on other body systems included. The package insert is an FDA required document you should be able to acquire from the team administering the chemo.

As far as radiation & BS, check out radiation poisoning impacts. Seek the answer to “how does radiation poisoning impact the pancreas?” or similar ideas.

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Sorry you have to go though this. I found cancer specific support groups on inspire .com if interested.

I had chemo about 7 years ago. The chemo treatments (once/week) included injection of steroids, which in most people causes bg to go up. I have pump and cgm, so was able to respond. Each treatment time was not predictable, even though i came at scheduled time. Had to wait for room and doctors orders for the nurses/techs to get iv going. Always ask what they are giving you, make sure IV glucose is not given unless you know about it. They may have done finger bg checks on me as part of standard diabetes protocol. But i also did my own checks with cgm and meter.

Be sure to ask for anti nausea meds, and get before you start if possible. The first brand they gave me didn’t work well, so they got another after hassle with insurance. But overall, my nausea was mild. Be careful with large insulin doses until you see how you are affected.

another thing that affected me was that my normal platelet count was on the low side of normal, so went even lower after chemo treatment. Sometimes this delayed following week treatment if platelet count didn’t come up. Eventually i got injections (neulasta?) to help recover blood counts. (This was before neulasta came in “pods”. )

Any questions, let me know.


I recently finished 23 days of radiation for breast cancer and didn’t notice any effect on my blood sugar.

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