Chemotherapy and Diabetes?

I got diagnosed with Adrenal Gland Cancer two weeks ago and I am starting chemotherapy tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with that and knows how chemotherapy will affect my bloodsugars.

Hi Christina:) I was wonderibng was this a Pheochromocytoma tumor? If so did the cancer spread?

I had one in 1998 and they did radiation on me for 6 weeks on and 6 off, and on again. Then found out it was for no good reason.

My Tumor was very large so it was cancer.

I would love to know if yours was confined or spread out to somewhere. Debbie

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your reply. Yes it is a Pheochromocytoma tumor, it already spread to my sorrounding lymphnotes. I started chemo yesterday and will have radiation soon.

Was radiation the only treatment you got?

We have a Group here for those with cancer and diabetes.

Brian, the Group originator, had colon cancer and chemo.