Can't get in to training until 1/8 for the CGMS

…should I try it on my own?

I did :slight_smile:

I got mine 2 days before traveling overseas and REALLY wanted the real-time BG data during the 25 hour trip. I did the on-line tutorial, read everything I could find, asked questions of other users, and finally got up the courage to do it myself. The inserter (I use MM) was a bit intimidating to me (even after 31 years of injections), but it worked and I had accurate real-time BG results during my 2 weeks overseas. It was great!

I did the training after I got back and learned some additional helpful stuff, but for an experienced Diabetic that’s comfortable with technology it’s pretty easy.


Karen, I did it on my own before I got training… After, I went for training I knew more than she did… Because of the tech support… I’m glad you got one! Good Luck!

I am such a visual learner that I am glad I waited for the training. I also asked lots of questions. It has been 1 1/2 weeks now and it’s still going. She did give me tips of how to stretch out the life of the sensor, etc., which would be good for you to know. Or you could ask those questions here:) I realize I forgot to ask how to take it off though…oops.

Go for it…it is hard to mess up.
Just after you start a session, either dont meter test or use a different meter than the one touch ultra…if you test during the calibration start up time, Dex will try to use those readings too.

also, make sure the Y is in the lower right hand corner—and not at the top before you insert your sensor and start it up.

Karen , You want to be careful not to break the wire on the sensor so dont hold on to the handle looking thing , also I was told to lay the inserter on my skin then tilt it up more before inserting (that is not in the manual ) . I waited for my training to my trainer went on vacation the week I got mine . Im not that brave to try it on my own I still have needle phobia and probably always will .

Good luck if you try it Keep us posted .

Oh and of you use the BD meter with your pump you need to turn it off so it doesnt read to your pump .

Hey Karen. My start-date is the day before yours! I am meeting with the Minimed representative on Monday night and he’s bringing me all the CGM stuff … otherwise I would most likely have already put it on. :wink:

Hey Kerri,

I saw your post on Twitter last night about you starting on 1/7. I just confirmed my appt. for next week for training and decided to wait. I have a pumper friend, who has been bugging me daily to do it on my own with him helping me, but I decided to wait for Medtronic training. I do have to do the 8 hour charge and I did read the book. I am not looking forward to the insertion as it does not insert like the quick set, ahhh!!! I think that is why I waited, I have never liked needles even after 35 years of injecting.

Here is wishing us good luck with our new toy. :slight_smile:


Even after 31 years of injecting, I never cared for needles either (which was why it was a huge mental challenge to go from 2 to 3 and finally 4 daily injections). The pump is great in not having so many injections.

For my first CGMS insertion, I was all alone in the house (I did this before training). There was a little blood (more than you’d see from an insulin injection) and I felt a little ill seeing it. I later found out that’s not uncommon to see some blood and it typically doesn’t hurt the sensor’s performance. Since that first insertion, they’ve become a breeze and now that I know blood is normal, it doesn’t bother me at all. The inserter is so fast, that as long as you stretch your skin with 2 fingers (near the inserter’s feet) it goes in easily without any pain.

I have had the CGM since Christmas. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but it seems so time sonsuming to change the sensor. they told me wait 2 hours after eating or longer, then insert it, then wait 2 hours until you calibrate before you can eat anything. Like 4-5 hours of no food during the afternoon or evening is hard. Do you guys do all this waiting?

I just started yesterday and I have not had an easy ride with it as yet and yes I am finding the calibration time frames a bit hard to consider and work for me. I have not had a day of bgs readings as yet from the sensor due to eating and bad calibrations, but I am not giving up as yet, and hey maybe this is my new diet plan. :wink:

I hope you do well with it. It is great to just look at the pump and see your readings when you aren’t where you can check b/s. But be careful at first and check them frequently, there does seem to be some big diff sometimes, but some readings are right on target. I haven’t used mine this week my abdomen seems a bit irritated. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes for you.

Which monitor are you wearing? I started on the Dexcom right before Christmas, and no one told me to wait 2 hours before/after calibration. I’ve changed the sensor site 3 times now and have had no problem.

I am using the medtronic MiniLink.

Today was a much better day and I have been 130-134 all afternoon, which if you subtract 20% means 100-102, so I skipped my 2 hour test after lunch, it was hard but I did it (and lunch was not diabetic friendly) and when I got home I was still hanging around 134 and I tested on my meter, 102, ding, ding, ding.

I caught my self going high this a.m. for whatever reason, as I did not eat breakfast and I bolused and got myself back to 124, but then I started to go low and caught that as well. Yeah CGM!!!

Yeah me!!!

It is a wonderful thing. How was today? Any Lost sensor messages?

Having a good day with my CGM, went shopping and felt empowered :slight_smile: gonna dread when I have to change it though. I think it is causing me to eat better as I don’t want to watch my bgs climb, so that is a good thing. Chased my niece all around the mall. Just now after dinner I got a sensor end on my CGM :(, but I got a hint from a fellow pumper on how to trick the sensor and get more life out of it, gonna try it when my bgs are a little more stable, here goes. :slight_smile:

Went to endo today and he was very excited I got my CGM. I told him I was not thrilled with all the calibration issues I have been having and of course had one right before my visit. He stated I must give it at least 6 months to get use to it and figure out what it can offer me. Took me all day to get this sensor back on track and yes when it works it is amazing. It really has shown me how many hours we are not in the good range of control and how low carbing is so important, and how small meals with low carbs is key.

My A1C was 6.6, so we shall see in the next 4 months if I improve and hopefully lose weight, because it freaks me out how food really is effecting my bgs and for how long I am out of whack.

Ooooo and my endo is going to a convention in Europe in February with primary focus on the CGM.

I totally agree, with the low carb issue. Oh and the calibration situation! It is an interesting tool when all goes right. keep me posted on your experience.