Dexcom no longer supplying directly

Dexcom is getting out of the business of supplying patients directly, and Kaiser has chosen Byram as the supplier for all KPNW-insured CGMS users.

Two questions - I have heard only discouraging things about Byram, and am hoping for some tips on how to improve my odds of getting my supplies on time. Second, the introductory email from Dexcom had this footer:

" Dexcom CGM now available at pharmacy
Learn more at "

Click through, and it suggests that CGMS no longer has to be categorized as DME. That could be great for me, because my employer covers diabetes supplies with no copay, but DME at 80%. (After three years of off and on battles, Kaiser formally decided that sensors lasting ten days and transmitters lasting 90 are indeed durable.) Am I unusual in having such a coverage difference between the categories? I’m not sure how to begin to try to change how such a huge organization categorizes stuff. Is anyone else in the same situation?

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Pharmacy if possible is the way to go. I am currently forced to use a insurance based 90 day mail order pharmacy for my Dexcom supplies, that are drop shipped from Dexcom (my pharmacy is having Dexcom do fulfillment). Works well for me, and no deductibles

That’s my goal. My first wail was to my endo’s office, and they sympathize but can do nothing about it. Their advice? “We certainly invite you to call membership services and give your feedback, as this will get the concerns of our members to the insurance side of things in hopes of any needed changes to the system.” My communication will of course be in writing. Wish me luck.


[quote=“machiya, post:1, topic:87296”]
I have heard only discouraging things about Byram,

I used to have Byram with employer, and they were great. Minor delays from employer “utilization dept” that result in delays, not Byrams fault.

Currently using CCS Medical for pump, and used to do dexcom from them, but my plan now covers at pharmacy at slightly lower cost and faster turn around/pickup.

Glad to get a report that’s better than what I saw previously. Saving almost $500 per year would be nice, but having a provider I already trust would be reassuring. I’m not optimistic, but the email has been sent, and I’ll get a response.

I absolutely love Byram, and what I hear from others is generally good, too. I can reorder supplies with a single digit text message most months. “Press 1 to reorder supplies”. I have had exactly one issue in 4 years, where a script renewal wasn’t processed fast enough and I didn’t have any backup supplies yet. I called ready for a fight to get what I needed… And the customer support person took all that wind right out of my sails with her kindness. She voluntarily overnighted me 3 changes worth of pump supplies for no cost at all, to see me through while they worked out the snafu. I was truly impressed.

The bad you hear is most notably from Medicare patients. Byram sucks if you’re on Medicare. It’s not just Byram, though. Most DME suppliers suck if you’re on Medicare, because Medicare hoops make it nearly impossible to meet patient needs on time. There are some DME suppliers that have a great Medicare reputation because they essentially extend credit to ship supplies prematurely, and handle the paperwork after the fact. Byram is NOT one of those.

I am on Medicare and get my Dexcom supplies through CCS medical. They are proactive and I have never had even 1 delay from them. They send me a monthly email to confirm that I want to replenish my supplies about 10 days in advance of the shipping date. It takes just a few seconds to confirm their email. If anything is needed from endo, they automatically request necessary documents in plenty of time to make sure my shipment goes out on time. They are totally awesome.

I’m seven years away from retirement and Medicare, so that’s a relief.

I’m 10 years away. I’m feeling like I need to start now not get an handle on it

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