Carb counting application for Blackberry

Hi, everyone. My daughter is a MM pumper, but has decided to take a rest from the pump, so I was wondering if there is a carb counting application or an application itself that mimics the calculations made by the pump so she can input her BG and carb amount and it will calculate the bolus to be injected.

As always, thanks for any info on this topic.

Melissa. Mom to Thaylu, almost 15, Dx’d March 10, 2003, pumper since Sept. 2007.

I use a restaraunt app on my iPhone to find out the carbs (for most fast food chains), add all them up and then calculate either in my head or on paper the carb to insulin amount.
Great pocket sized reference book with tons of carb info is calorie king.
Best of luck!

Thanks. Lindsey, For the info.