Iphone app for carb counting

Hey all..
Is there a good iphone app that helps you count the carbs.
Atleast from common restaurants like CPK, Cheesecake factory etc.

I downloaded some from appstore like Diabetes Buddy and Glucose buddy .. but they really arent that great.. the search is very very slow. and the apps crash

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Lose It!

Glucose Buddy

Carb Counting by Example Group

I really like my 'fitnesspal' it has a huge food data base its to track excercise and calories but I use it mostly to count carbs. Good luck finding an app :)

I also use "My Fitness Pal" and have been very happy with the app.

GoMeals is pretty good for common places to eat.

Restaurant Nutrition and Nutrition Menu are the two that I use -- between the two of them, they provide nutrition info for just about every chain restaurant I would ever need to go to. They don't "count carbs" per se, but they do provide carbs per serving, so you can figure it out from there. I think both are free, too. They need Wifi or 3G to work.

Good luck!

Lose It! scans bar codes with your phone's camera. MrsAcidRock has it on her iphone and I have it on my droid...I have raved about how smoothly the app works all over the place but I am not selling it, I just like it a lot. I've only used it for 2 weeks but no crashes at all.

I concur with the others, myfitnesspal is awesome for this!!!

Thanks guy..
let me try your suggestions

Calorie King is great and Go Meals

I use MyFitnessPal every day to count carbs and calories, and exercise. It's awesome!

Not trying to spam or anything like this, but I recently programmed an Android app for a friend of mine with type 2, to help him keep track of daily carbs. It also can track calories, fat, weight, etc. I know the OP asked for "iPhone", but if anyone with an android is curious, it's called "Bare Bones Diet Counter" (it's free). link: https://market.android.com/details?id=peacocksoftware.barebones

Sorry again if this is sort of spammy-- honestly not trying to!
-- Richard