Carb Control via your iPHONE or iTOUCH

I recently have been searching the Apps store on Itunes to look for an easy way to carry the Carb counting book with me. In other words I needed a quick resource to research Carbs and Carbs totals when eating out or at friends houses. Here is the answer.


0it has a built in Menu, carb totals, and favorites menu, you can change the serving size, and intern the carb totals change too…

AWESOME for a pumper, or an injection candidate that knows ones carb to insulin ratio.

Anyone else find this amazing tool???

ALL FOR UNDER $6.00 CAN, and the Calorie King costs well over 25 for a paperback!!!

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I use CarbFinder, although not all that much these days (pretty much know most carbs of what I eat). But I’m going to have a look at the one you suggested. It sounds good.

Yeah, I really don’t know why the calorie king doesn’t have an iphone ap, i had it on the palm as an ap… weird…

Thanks for sharing

Thanks so much for sharing. I’d love to have something like that on my cell phone. Unfortunately can’t afford to go iPhone here in Canada but the Blackberry is so much more affordable. Does anyone know of a similar app for BB? If there is, I might be able to build myself a “case” to get one!

This app, I think is better than the Cal King, due to the fact that it has the restaurants for both Canada and the US all packed into one small device app. Also the app works on itouch devices, which I am using, so, it is really useful, and doesn’t require a cell phone plan. A used itouch can be had for around 140 CAN on ebay, ir the same for a refurbished one at a Apple store… Most of the apps on the itunes store work on the itouch, but take away the Cell phone options, and they have Wireless internet as well.

It looks particularly useful in Canada for Animas Ping pump users who don’t get the Master Food database preloaded on their system the way it’s shipped in America. I’ve been having a hard time getting a copy og the database. Animas said no so I’ve been trying to find an American Ping friend to export a file and email it to me.
Thanks for the tip. We may just buy this.
By the way, why do you say it’s under $6.00 - isn’t it $1.99?

It was $6 when I bought it, even a better deal now

Update: I’m getting an iTouch for my birthday in a couple of months, and will be downloading the app first thing. woohoo! I was having trouble rationalizing it because I just got a new Nano for Christmas, but hey, I’m worth it!

i don’t know how it works for blackberrys, but on the iphone i just bookmarked calorie king on my home screen. it acts like a free app (but uses safari) and lets you quickly access their database, change portions, etc.