Carb counting?

I have just started the carb counting. How many carbs do you have in a meal?

Hi there, I try to have no more then 50carbs per meal… the less the better of course ! no more the 150 for the day. But I use this as a guide… sometime I stick to it well and sometime I just doesn’t happen…

everyone is different.


I do about 60 a meal with a bunch of 15ers in between. But like she said everyones different

I try to stay between 20-40 carbs per meal and 15 for snack.

This is what I follow - I’m a pumper though - but it’s pretty close to what you can do. I alternate between following the exchanges, or just by eating the carbohydrate amount designated for that meal
7632-MealPlan.doc (29.5 KB)

Alas, how many I have and how many I should have are 2 different things. However, If I can limit myself to 30g or less per meal/snack then my numbers are generally good.

I think it really depends on what type of diabetic you are and what meds you take - or wish to take - and whether you are on a basal-bolus routine or are only managing with diet/excercise - so there are a lot of variables.

I’m a type 2 and I adhere to Dr. Bernstein’s diabetic guidelines - 6 breakfast, 12 lunch, 12 dinner. I take only metformin and Lantus. I could eat more carbs if I wanted to take more medicine.

I do between 75 and 100 total carbs per day. Most likely closer to the 75 mark. I am on Janumet and watching the carbs and what does into my body seems to works.

Just using metformin, I have good control with 10 for breakfast, 15 for lunch, 15 for dinner and another 10-15 in snacks

Because of my weight, my dietician has started me on 60 carbs per meal. As I lose, then it will probably go down. Also 15 per snack.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

It depends on how hungry I am and what I’m in the mood to eat. But usually anywhere from 25-60 carbs in a meal.

I am able to control my blood glucose with diet alone. If I keep my carbs <15 per meal, I can keep my blood sugar less than 120 after eating and in the 80’s when fasting. I am convinced that diet should be my first line of defense. If I ate 50carbs/meal, I would have to be on medication.

Dear Lois.

Is not 60 per meal a bit high if you want to loose weight. My endo said very low carb does work in many of his patients. What do you think?

Congratulations, Anne! That’s wonderful.

I’d be back in the hospital if I ate 50-60 carbs per meal. Near impossible to have tight control eating this much & trying to cover it with insulin or meds.

Claudia, there’s a discussion here on exactly this topic, if you want to search it. Many pages, many comments.

Dieticians really need to get with the program. You’d feel better & lose more weight if you cut the carbs down.

What works best for me 6 grams at breakfast (I have Dawn Phenonmenon & eating as few carbs as possible is the only thing that helps) & between 12-15 for lunch & dinner, so 36 grams of carbs for the day. I don’t snack much, but if I do it’s usually around 5 carbs.

Thanks Gerri - I feel lucky that I can do so much with diet alone. It is not always easy to resist those carbs.

My experience and understanding is that, for us insulin resisters, carbs are primarily what keep us from losing weight. 60 per meal seems high for weight loss.

Nope, not easy at all which makes it all the more an awesome accomplishment!

You and I stick to about the same amount of carbs for meals and snacks. I don’t get the dawn phenomomen so I can still have the 10-15 carbs in the morning. I will keep testing just in case that changes.

Hope you never get the dawn phenonmenon. Not a good way to start out the day.