Type 2 diabetics how many carbs a day?

I know there is a huge discussion with many replies stating how many carbs they eat per day but the majority of the replies are from Type 1 diabetics so I’m just curious as to how many carbs per day you type 2 diabetics eat that cannot cover their carbs with insulin especially the diet and exercise controlled only.

60-85 carbs on any given day… NEVER more than 100. 10 or less at breakfast, only… I spike horribly if I have any big carbs like cereals, oatmeal, etc. Never more than 30-35 for lunch or dinner. Never more than 15 (pushing 20 if ice cream) for any snacks, if I have them.

I cannot cover 50 grams of carbs as pasta cooked al dente the best case senario by injecting any predictable amount of insulin. I will either go low an unpleasant situation to say the least or stay in the high 200’s. same cooking technique same injection technique and same insulin.

Since my fasting usually runs around 120 mg/dl or so, in order to say below 140 mg/dl at 2 hrs I usually need to keep the carb count at meals to about 15 g. Even with that, a high protein zero carb can cause problems. Everyone is different.

40-50 grams. I have trouble with dawn phenomena so I keep breakfast at only 2-4 I’m diet exercise and Metformin. My A1c rose last time so I may need to cut further.

Oh yes, I am diet and exercise controlled ONLY. No medications of any kind, and no insulin. We should let the OP know this when we write our response, as I believe she just wanted to know from people on only diet and exercise.

As a new type 2 (got it 4 months ago) recently tried to live on just diet and exercise, cannot do, gotta have meds. Back when I last answered this question a month ago, I reported 45 grams of carbs per meal and 15 for one snack. However, that adds up to 150 daily and I was gradually getting worse fastings and 2hrpp, so now I make sure I’m under 135 grams for the daily total. Especially need to limit carbs at dinner. I’m about to learn my new A1C and if I need to up meds this week, so my carb plan could all change.

As a side note, most type 2s seem to have trouble with weight loss, but I’ve been losing easily at a pound or more a week even though I only exercise about 30 to 45 minuetes and I count calories too, so I believe I’m OK on that.

I have started guessimating becuse I got tired of writing it all down which I did at the begining.

But I eat the same breakfast everyday - although I add coffee now that it is getting cold out. :slight_smile:

My breakfast is around 15 I think - maybe a bit more with the coffee which I added xyitol (4 carbs but a sugar alcohol so it doens’t seem to effect me) and soy creamer (1 carb). The coffee on some days seem to lower by 2 hr number! It is decaf right now though.


1 piece low carb toast - 7 carbs

peanut butter - I think its around 4 carbs (depend on how much I put on)

Soy cap drink (4 carbs)

Lunch varies normally under 15. I drink a protein shake for lunch every other day which around 7 carbs I think.

Snacks are thing like a little piece of chocolate or clif bar or nuts or maybe a sucker (5 to 10 carbs) but i don’t always have these. Avocadoes are another snack.

On the days I want popcorn its 15 carbs for 3 cups.(yep, I have a popcorn addiction!)

Dinner is bigger usually. If I have beans and other things with that it can be up to 30 carbs. But other meals can be 15 to 20.

So, guessimate is 60ish - 70ish. I take Met and I am a Thin Type 2 like you. :slight_smile: I am also a vegan though so my diet is more restrictive and I eat small portions.

I don’t eat rice, potatoes, pasta (I can eat a little bit of pasta and sometimes I am fine and sometimes it effect me so I avoid it)

My general philosophy has ended up beginning at if I am low pre-meal I can have some extra carbs. :slight_smile: My goal is to either not go above 140 or if I do to not be there at 2 hours later. :slight_smile: It is harder because I am already too thin and I want to try to eat more so I maybe isn’t the correct way to do it but I take advantage of when I am at a lower number to eat a little extra.:slight_smile: