Carb counting?

For those of you who know how to carb count I am just wondering how you first got into learning how to carb count?
I am curious how everyone first started carb counting.
anyone is welcome to answer =)

This is a great topic! You ought to post it on the “forum” as I suspect you’d get a ton of replies? I bought a scale when I got my pump and it helped a lot. (2008)

When I was having trouble controling my BG readings,I tried carb counting it worked. My A1C went from 9.5 to 6.9. I use 500 low carb recipes by Dana Carpender…I got it at AMAZON who put me in touch with Albris used boos I paid $4 plus shippig…it looks like it never has been used. Go to Barnes and Noble or any good bookseller and get the latest version of The CALORIE KING Calorie Fat And Carbohydrate Counter has every food known to man fast food places etc. I paid $7.95…it should help. I have lost 56 pounds and have kept it off almost 10 years. Take good care. Reed

About a week after my diagnosis I decided to try the low carb way of life since I really had no guidance from my Doctor other than I had to get my blood sugar levels down or else. So while being in hot pursuit for LC recipes to build my new lifestyle, I encountered many recipes listing the net carb. I had no clue what it meant until I went researching it online and then developed the understanding of the net carb. Now when I’m shopping I look at both the total carb and the net carb depending on what the food item is. And it works for me too!

A1C at diagnosis: 8.1, A1C Jan 2011: 6.3.

And an extra bonus is that my love for cooking and creating things with food is back at an all time high!!

We started carb counting in Feb. to get afeel on how it would be when she goes on the pump in June. And I use it daily with every meal and snack and my daughter has lost about 15 pds. so far.

I really am trying to get better at it but im also trying to get some of my friends who have diabetes into carb counting as well but they dont seem interested so im trying to help them by telling them that its good to carb count.

I guess I’m confused. You mention carb counting…some people who replied mention low carb diets. They are not the same thing.

I began carb counting 11 years ago. My dietician taught me. I assumed that by now ALL diabetics were being taught this by their endo or dietician??? Otherwise that means they are on a sliding scale - which is horribly outdated.

If you were talking about low carb - I can’t tell you anything there. I’ve never done a low-carb approach.

well im talking about carb counting. I know most people dont like to persay listen to the dieticians when they tell them how to carb count. I want to come up with ways to get the kids into carb counting its hard to get my friends to want to carb count hard headed teenagers are the hardest to get to want t o carb count.