Carb loading the day before a long run or a 100 mile bike ride

Do any of you load up on carbs the day before a long run or bike ride? Most non type 1 people do. If you do do you raise your basal rate that day and then lower it before you run or bike?

I just did a 63 mile ride last weekend. I’m T1. Supper was steak and crab.
I reduce my basal rate 2hr prior to elevate my BG to about 120 to 130, eat and drink alittle 2 hours prior about 30 carbs total.
Then I keep my basal rate reduced and eat around 100 to 150 carbs per hour.
Important check BG every 30 minutes. Supplement with Dex Tabs if low.

I did get my century ride in yesterday.My ave speed was 16.5 I feel great today. I used two water bottles. One with water and the other I used G2 mix that was low cal. and 7 grams of carbs. I drink 2 water bottles of the G2. It took me 6 and 1/2 hours. I ate 3 cliff bars. One at the start of my ride and I bolus for 1/2 of the carb. I also had 2 Gu Roctane. My Basal rate was set at 60% and my bg ranged from 90 to 150.

I ran my first marathon last year and am in training for my second. I did not participate in the Pasta dinners or any other sort of carb loading. I ate a banana half an hour before the race.
I’ve been wondering about this too. I didn’t feel out of energy but I don’t have much to compare to. I way too scared of waking up before a race or a long run with a high orgoing low while asleep the night before.

I’m pretty sure this practice isn’t recommended as much as it once was. There is a very finite amount of glucose that can be stored in the muscles and liver, and “loading” can’t really add more.

I went to a seminar sponsored by the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association last spring. The guest speaker was very familiar with diabetes and endurance sports - she was from the Colorado University School of Sports Medicine. The gist of her talk was that the athlete should intake as pure a form of glucose as possible, water, and insulin to match.

Roughly, 45 grams carb per hour, 24 ounces water per hour, and a reduced insulin basal rate. I’m not sure how that translates for T2. But the idea is to take in almost exactly what you will burn. This is for intense exercise.

I trained this way all year with good success. I completed a century in Death Valley in just under 8 hours. I thought this was pretty good for a 50 yr old T1.