Carb to insulin ratios with morning sickness

So in my almost 9 years of being a T1D, I haven’t had very many times where I’ve dealt with vomiting and blood sugar management. I just hit 6 weeks pregnant and so far haven’t dealt with much sickness, aside from a little nausea if I don’t eat; until tonight. I just got hit with very bad nausea and I think it’s what I ate (fingers crossed).

My question to all you ladies who have gone through pregnancy with sickness; how did you manage taking insulin to cover carbs, if you end up throwing up those carbs? I just want to know how to plan ahead in case morning sickness hits me hard these next few weeks. Should I eat small and if I’m feeling sick that day maybe take a little less insulin and correct later if needed? My fears are either dropping too low after getting sick, and not being able to keep food down, but I also don’t want to go into DKA if I don’t take enough insulin or get dehyrdated.

I have lots of gatorade and coconut water on hand and I’ve been able to so far, drink tons of water. I’ve never been pregnant before so for me it’s all new. I’ve already found that blood sugar control varies week to week for me. At weeks 3 & 4 I was running lower, but week 5 I was becoming a bit resistant. I know everyone is different but any help in terms of managing sickness and eating would be greatly appreciated!

Personally… I didn’t want to take the risk of not being able to keep food down after taking insulin and going dangerously low. I got a prescription for Reglan from my doctor. There are no known risks to baby to take it. If there was any risk that is not yet understood… I decided it was less than the risk of me having a low (or many!) so bad that I would require assistance. That’s just my personal preference. If you don’t want to try it, you may want to keep some ginger ale and ginger candies on hand if you’ve got too much insulin on board but you’re too nauseous to eat.

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I’m definitely not against meds. I’m definitely more nauseous today, but I’m still able to eat and drink. I have some fizzy lime water too which seems to help. I can’t stomach ginger candy, but don’t have ginger ale (need to get some). I’m hoping for the best but want to be prepared too!