Morning (aka - 24/7) Sickness and Lows

Hi guys. I'm 6wks 5days pregnant, and on a pump. Morning sickness used to just be slight queasiness, but now it's full-blown all-day sickness and I'm having problems eating when I'm low and queasy at the same time. What do (or did) you guys do when low and queasy??

Hi Sarah K I am nearly 9 wks pregnant and have been suffering with sickness for over 2 weeks now. I use lucozade and friut pastiles or haribo type sweets when I’m low ans salt n vinegar crisps and tuc biscuits, cheese thins or mini cheddars, basicallly any cheesy/salty cracker when ever I feel sick. Getting enough sleep and regular naps really helps. I have my dating scan on Tuesday when I will be approx 9 wks 4 days. I can’t wait

Hey Sarah I'm currently 16 weeks and Thank God my morning sickness is gone, But when it was hard for me to eat and i was having a low i would grab a regular sprite or a ginger ale (didn't drink the entire can) i also ate trail mix salt and sweety..

when queasy and low sugar pills! and eat something when i can stomach it . im 19 weeks 6 days pregnant and still having horrible morning sickness the doc said cuz im diabetic it makes it worse something about being on insulin and the way ur stomach consumes the food im posting my journey on youtube , i was scared and nervous but thought maybe my story can help my fellow diabetics out there

I was extremely sick throughout my pregnancies (didn't go away after first trimester). If it's necessary, they can prescribe diclectin to help with the nausea.

Otherwise - Potato chips worked a bit because they were salty and they have carbs to bring you up.