7w Pregnant and here comes the nausea, how do I cope?

I’m 7weeks along and have felt fantastic up until about a week ago when the nausea started creeping in. I’m craving carbs, but not having a lot of success making them work without highs. I’ve gotten the Psi bands for accupressure, and sipping on lemon water, but I feel best when I’m eating something, like popcorn. As you know as Type 1, I can’t be eating all day long and manage the right dosing. Or can I? Looking for suggestions on how you all got through quelling nausea without spiking BG.

Besides the nausea, I’m so excited to be pregnant and up for the challenge!!


Congrats on your pregnancy! I’m 10-weeks along and eating has been a bit of a challenge for me as well, since I was just placed on insulin.

Have you met with your endocrinologist and dietician since pregnancy? They may offer suggestions on what and how to eat, or change medication too.

Congrats to you too! Sorry to hear you have the added fun of life on insulin, but it’s totally doable.
Yes, I have a stellar Endo whom I email records to twice weekly for suggestions and adjustments. I’ve found that lemon water and chewing on ginger is helpful w nausea. Also taking a naps (new to me!)
My nausea kinda comes and goes, so eating my known meals when feeling good is easier. Balancing food/insulin is easier when you know how a meal is going to act / how much to dose. However boring, eating the same few meals over and over reduces a big variable and improves control. Another big thing is the pre bolus (waiting to eat 15-20 min after giving insulin). Good luck and stay in touch!

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Would having a bowl of cut-up low/no carb veggies pieces in the fridge work? Not the same as popcorn but would it be close enough? So perhaps you could just reach in and grab a couple slices of cucumber, some pepper slices, a piece of broccli, half a mushroom, etc… and nibble on them? Depending on you (everybody’s different) maybe you wouldn’t even need to deal with insulin at all for small bits of low/no carb snacking during the day?
Not as meal replacements, just small little quick snacks between?

Good suggestion! Right now I feel like nothing is free (except cheese), but I like your idea of low carb and maybe adding a +10% basal for grazing… will give it a shot. Thanks!

Peppermints and peppermint tea?