Carbohydrate content on package wrong?

Does anyone have any experience with this. Last night the package said 6 fish stick 20 grams of carb. I had 8 sticks (probably another 6-7grams) and a small pudding (13 grams) and salad (zero). So I put in my BS 209 and 40 grams carbs. All my ratios are pretty accurate, 99% of time but when I checked 2hrs later I was 266. This is not the first time I have gotten crazy blood sugars after following the carb content on the package of this particular super market (trader joes). Heck, I do better going out to eat and completely guessing the carb content than following the recommendations of Trader Joe’s

Sometimes I find that if I start out high, I can’t eat and be ok a few hours later.

In my experience, I would have given a correction for the 209, waited an hour, then bolused for dinner and eaten about 20 minutes later.

I agree, Keri. Somewhere around 200 is where my insulin to carb ratio changes. My insulin is less effective the higher my bg is. I would have waited a half hour or an hour to wait for it to start dropping before I ate.

You could be right about the carb content, though. The FDA only requires that nutritional information is within 20% of the actual values. I have noticed on some packaging with different types of granola bars or different candies, they might have only one nutrition label, even though the carbs must clearly be different.

I agree w/ Kari and Baby Tee. If the 209 was flat, the number you put in would be accurate however if the 209 was a moving number, like 209-215-225-250, it may not have been accurate? The pump books talk about insulin on board but I think that you can get carbs on board that will catch up to you and mess up the next number after it. I ate yesterday at about 150 and, despite some precautions, it pretty much hovered there for a couple of hours, proving very annoying.

Oh yea…I’ve run into that also where the carb rating on the box is way off. Had some egg rolls once and I think the carbs listed was the square root of the actually carb’s…would have thought I ate a large sunday after I tested later! Just chalk it up to a lesson learned and I now know which items I can trust and those that I have to count higher than listed. But also agree with the others that your starting number might have ad some play in the results.

I don’t trust nutritional labels to be accurate. Here’s a hidden carb calculator.

“This calculator works by using the formula (Fat X 9) + (Carb X 4) + (Protein X 4) = Calories. The calculator takes the difference between the calories listed on the label and the calculated calories and divides that result by 4 to arrive at the answer. It then adds that number of grams to the carbohydrate grams listed on the label. This hidden carb calculator assumes that all missing calories are from hidden carbohydrates.”