hey all you guys aout there has anyone tried carbquick to make things like pancakes. If you did did it spike you and did it teast good?

No one in my family liked it. I can’t say whether anyone spiked because none of us ate more than a bite. I stick with almond & coconut flour. Carb Quick is more of a frankenfood.

You can also use protein powder for pancakes, makes a lighter pancake.

I have tried Carbquick, it is like Bisquick with some minor flavor differences. The best place to get it is probably Netrition, you can buy in bulk and freeze it.

These days, like @tiaE I tend to make my own custom flours and baking mixes from flours. Linda’s Low Carb (a class site) has a number of recipes with CarbQuick as does LowCarbFriends.

thank you hun I will go check out those sites.

I’ve used carbquick a couple times. The first time I made pancakes and I did not like them (too grainy) and they spiked me, although not as much as “real” pancakes would. The second time I made cheesy biscuits (the recipe on the box) but I added a can of corn because I thought it sounded yummy. This time I did not spike very much at all, and the biscuits were absolutely delicious!

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