I am just starting to use these products and would be curiousas to other’s experiences. Do you use the Carb counts shown on the label? I made some very good Pumpkin Applesauce bread with 2/3 Carbalose; 1/3 Barley flour - 10 grams carbs per slice but my normal bolus did not cover the carbs. So; either I had some other unexplained reason for the high glucose reading or the carbalose understates the true net carbs.
Also have any of you had digestion issues, upset stomachs after consumption of this produce. It seems to be a great product if the carb values are really true, but I was taught that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I’ve used both Carbquick and Carbalose. I have found them a reasonable functional replacement for Bisquick and flour respectively. One must understand that these products are based on a wheat flour that has been chemically modified to remove/inactivate the carbs in the flour. This makes them essentially fiber. But as we all know, as diabetics, our mileage may vary. Much of the variation in handling of fiber comes from what kinds of gut bacteria you have and how you as an individual process things. So while it may say “net carbs” and you think that you can take that as a carb count, in fact you may find that some of the “fiber” carbs are actually digestible and have to be counted. I never had digestion issues. And before Gerri chimes in, I will agree with her, the flavor leaves a bit to be desired. If you make something simple, like a biscuit, you may find it not particularly tasty. If you make something highly flavored, you may not notice that much of a difference.

For the taste, I love the taste of Barley flour - it is lower on the glycemic index than wheat flour so i use 1/3 barley flour and 2/3 Carbalose or carbquik - Im not an ultra low carber so a lil real flour shouldnot hurt

Many diabetics cannot handle the carbs from many grains like wheat. I looked at the Caralose flour and Carbquick but they were too pricey for me. I make my own low carb flour mixes with almond flour, flaxseed or coconut flour and get excellent results and 0 bg spike.

My BG results with Carbalose have been good & I haven’t had stomach upset, despite the fiber. I use it half & half with almond flour or coconut flour because, as bsc said, I don’t care for the flavor.

Love the idea of mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with coconut of almond flour. I think this might be a great combination to enhance the flavor. I have used the Carbalose and don’t like to flavor, but this might just work for me.