Carbs and Fiber

I’m a little lost. Medtronics says to subtract fiber from total carbs. I found references to ADA saying to subtract half of fiber from total carbs, but haven’t found on ADA’s website.

I noticed soluble fiber on a nutrition label and searched the web where i got into soluble and insoluble fiber. Seems neither are digested, but soluble fiber is metabolized by bacteria to carbs that may be absorbed in the large intestine. So maybe it is really net carbs plus part of soluble fiber and it would seem to depend on the food type, specific food and the individual.

For “balanced” carb tortillas (19g total and 13g fiber) that is no longer part of my diet, carbs seemed to be between total and total minus half of fiber, possibly inconsistent from package to package. Lower carb sandwich wraps with lots of oats fiber are about total minus half. Soluble fiber in metamuscil capsules helps with my morning carb count, but is ignored in the evenings.

So I’m wondering what I might have missed, what works for others, if there are any comprehensive sources for soluble and insoluble fiber content, and if there are any simplified rules. As a thought, perhaps food labels should show soluble and insoluble fiber instead of just dietary fiber.

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I rarely consider fiber and bolus according to the total carb count.

I did read the same as you have though, to remove the fiber from the total count.

I’ve read too, to count 50% of protein; this I do, do. I don’t bolus anything for fat.

Edited to add: This post mentioned something I had forgotten … five grams …

Everyone is different. So pick a set of rules you can understand and live with and test your BG to fine tune the rules.

My rules are;

Fibre from items in a meal is ignored so I count all the carbs.

Fibre in a snack like edamame is very high so I ignore any carb value.

Counting carbs is complicated process in any case so why make it harder ?

I go with the full carb count, without factoring fiber. I also bolus for some meat, but we eat little, mostly fish and chicken.

Also, I eat very small plates and usually don’t finish it all.

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Different bodies react differently to fiber diet. Carbs is what you can count on but as gladtobehere say process is complicated and sometimes things got way tough

I use total carbs minus half of fiber, except some fresh fruits. For fresh fruits, I’ve refined carbs to what works for me, e.g. whole apples are 3.5 g/oz.

I tried looking at soluble and insoluble fiber, but breakdown isn’t available and breakdown isn’t always consistent.