T1s not subtracting fiber from carb counts

Had an endo apt yesterday and met with a nutritionist for the first time. I nearly fell off my chair when she said not to subtract fiber from the carb counts. I said, "But, but, but" and she said, "Not for T1s." (I guess that means T2s can subtract fiber. I don't know.) I sputtered some more and she said, "How has subtracting fiber worked for you?" Well, I thought about those beans chilis and black bean side dishes Clara sometimes has and the high results afterwards and had to say, "Not really that great."

I'm sure I read to subtract the fiber in (I think) Pumping Insulin. Anyone else heard about this one way or the other?

If the item has 40% fiber or more, I subtract it just fine. If not, I won't. (I'm a T2). I need TONS of fiber for it to not count. lol 1 or 2 grams don't make a difference for me.

We were warned to subtract fiber, but only if it is five grams or more. And she was diagnosed at 8 years. There are cases I don't subtract fiber..... if I am giving a cereal type product. Fiber One chocolate chip granola bars have about nine grams of fiber. I don't subtract in that case, and her blood sugars are okay after eating one. But that is because cereal products need more insulin than normal to "cover" in general, in her case. I don't subtract fiber from fruit ever. Fruit also spikes so I never want to give less insulin for fruit. Green veggies... I don't charge anything for green veggies, even cucumber. The fiber ensures little BG fluctuation. Nuts... I can give her a handful of nuts without covering. And I do subtract fiber from nuts and seeds. Beans..... I only wish she would even TRY a bean, LOL.

This t1 does not subtract fiber--"net carbs" does not give satisfactory control

I had heard somewhere to subtract the fiber (I think Blue Diamond Almonds even announces "2g Net Carbs!" on their labe)l, but I've never done it myself (I like to overestimate just in case).

Oh, she also mentioned products with "net carbs" which was "use the carbs, not the net carbs." And she specifically mentioned Dreamfield pasta - you count it for the whole amount, not the net carbs it advertises. In which case, there's certainly no need to buy it. Why pay $5 when you can get the same carbs for $1?

Cereal is a carb trap in a box, IMO!

Yeah, and the fiber subtracting thing doesn't even work for cereal, for me, EVER. I don't have cereal anymore. It's not worth it. lol There's very, very few things which work for me, fiber content wise... as a Type 2 with no meds, no insulin, and diet alone. I generally always count the fiber in the carb count...

What the Dreafield's people have is a product full of resistant starch... which is what they like to label "protected carbs." Resistant starch is not processed by the body... so ideally, in most people, it will result in lower numbers. Even if the carb count is the same. A warning though... it doesn't work the greatest with tomato sauce, which is acidic, and cuts down on the resistant starch bit... BUT, when I refrigerate it for 12 hours or so, it seems to be okay... But that's just me. It may or may not work for others, and I think that kind of pasta is sort of luck of the draw as to who it works for.

I agree. I had just seen a box of that Dreamfield's stuff @ the grocery store and saw like 42G of carbs w/ 7 net carbs and was like "fuhgettaboudit" as it didn't seem to offer any explanation of the 'magic' on the box.

Nuts, if giving a small handful, can give with no coverage. But if giving a larger amount of pistachios, say, will subtract fiber and cover. Sunflower seeds need no coverage for her. You would have to see what works for you.

Oh she is so right about the Dreamfield's. Though some people say they have good results with it. I would never even dream about giving a cup of pasta and covering 5 grams for it..... I checked that out before trying Dreamfields. We charged 37 or 40 grams for a cup of the Dreamfield's and she went low, then stayed in the 200s with corrections all night long. Using quinoa pasta in the turquoise box (I believe it is mixed with corn also), thought it would spike. Quite the opposite. Of course it is covered, but I can give 20 free grams along with a 40 gram serving, charging 40 grams essentially for 60 grams of pasta and she drops at the two hour check, needs ex-carbs and blood sugar is normal. Since one of our CDEs recommended this specific pasta because it does not spike it does work for some type 1s.

I never go by net carbs. I don't see the point of subtracting fiber, honestly.

Yes, Quinoa pasta and even Corn pasta have done better by me, with the small amounts I would ever eat..

Ahhh, we used it with marianara both times....... I would try some with butter but I would be afraid since I don't know how to bolus for it. If I charge 5 grams a cup she could potentially be sky high, and if charging 37 grams she would be in big trouble. I will try it, though, in chicken noodle soup or pasta/veggie salad, using 1/4 cup per serving and not charge which won't be too bad either way. This is good to know and I hope it works.

This must be one of those YMMV situations. I do calculate net carbs and I deduct it all. Beans and things like that can take longer to digest because of the protein. It may require an extended bolus if you are on a pump or a booster bolus if you are on MDI.

The bouncing ball of going low and later soaring into the 200s is what I experienced with Dreamfield's, too. We don't use it anymore.

I did not realize you were not on insulin; therefore, of course you have to be careful with carbs. Insulin gives you a lot more freedom of what you can and cannot eat; it is a double-edged sword, though, as insulin does not match food digestion well in so many meals. When I first read the box, I was expecting a spike from the corn flour because the quinoa pasta has corn flour in it.

Bet bet the TAG people would have something to say about this. I'm pretty sure they cover for everything but in varying amounts. I'm afraid that dealing with hormones is about as much challengs as I can take on without adding the extra math of TAG.

I have a trick that I think is good for anyone, on insulin or not... who allows themselves a tad more freedom with carbs... I make a dish that serves 4 people or more... but I only add ONE serving size of pasta to it. The rest has to be veggies, and lean chicken or turkey... And any home made sauce I want to use. It can be marinara, or even a home made creamy sauce... Sometimes even just like cream of mushroom soup with paprika... or half and half (or whipping cream) and some part skim cheese... stuff like that. :) It never spikes me very much, at all... I do the same trick if I want stir fry with either noodles, or rice.