Carbs Question


I am wondering about carbs and how many I can eat a day?

I am a Type 2.
6 Foot tall
254 pounds now.

My GP last June just said to me you’re diabetic and i’ll write you out a prescription for some Metformin. I didn’t get any education about Diabetes at all. No pamplets or things to read. Just a prescription sent to CVS and I picked it up and started taking the pills.

I will be one year T2 coming up in June and I have been kind of figuring it out on my own or getting bad or worrisome advice from Google. Yes I’ve read quite a few things that scare me about being Diabetic. See my post about " I don’t buy it"

Anyways I have switched a lot in my life:

I only eat wheat bread no white stuff. I might have rice on a rare occasion.

Diet Coke caffeine free or Regular Sprite ( if I cant find the diet) but in moderation for regular Sprite.

I use Those packets that you put in water from Walmart. Their sugar free. I am addicted to those right now! I drink tons of water with those packets in them. Its become the only way I can drink water now.

I limit eating potatoes to once in awhile ( Potato Salad or Baked Potatoes or Fries or Tater Tots ) Or just once a week.

We bake EVERYTHING. No frying. rare on breaded foods.

We use EVOO only.

No sweet Cereal’s ( I do like Raisin Brand or Corn Flakes)

I drink 2% milk ( on rare occasion or in coffee)

I use Sweet n Low or Splenda if I order unsweet iced tea, and in my Coffee.

I’ve started ordering salads in placement of things say fries or something like that. But like I stated above I sometimes crave tots or fries etc.

Sweets… well, I sneak them in but I try to skip days and go 3 or 4 days without them and when I do I eat them with my dinner so I am not letting my BG come down and then go back up when I eat dessert.

I still eat crackers… There a weakness. :frowning: I.E Premium brand or Ritz or Town House.
But only if I am eating soup or as a snack with some sliced cheese or with a salad.

Fruit… I love Granny Smith apples. I try to eat at least 2 a day.
I use to love Oranges but due to their sugary content I’ve been staying away from them. I could eat like 3 oranges a day thats how much I love them.

That is all I can think of for right now. Am I on the right track?

Any pointers ya’ll could give me?


I think it is really tough to break old habits.
I’ll give you a rundown on your top points.
I’m type 1 but carb counting is the same. It’s actually easier for type 1s to alter doses to eat more carb.

1 I think all sodas are bad for us. Artificial sweeteners cause our bodies to expect sugar and then not get any, and it makes us more hungry.
I gave up artificial sweeteners. It took me a month to kick the habit.
I eat a moderate carb diet about 125 a day. I avoid processed carbs like bread. I eat some but I watch it.
Wheat bread is pretty much the same as white. The sell it to be healthier but it really isn’t much better esp as far as carbs.
There are some low carb breads though

Food is best if it is as close to how it grows as possible. Taht goes for meat too if you eat it.

Learn to count carbs and try to be sensible.
If you want something then eat it, just eat less of it.

Being aware of your intake is half the battle, you are already there.


What do you blood glucose (BG) readings look like? Do you have a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)? Have you been back to you GP? If so, what was your A1C result?

You’re doing a lot of good things but it’ll be hard for people here to say if it’s “enough” without the BG-related indicators. We can help you interpret them, if needed.

Personally, I’d be looking for a different GP. Or, at the very least, an endocrinologist for anything diabetes-related. In my opinion, that was inappropriate for them to send you out without even the little information we usually get. If you do go back to that GP, write down your questions and don’t leave until you get answers. Your health, not their schedule or profit margin, is the most important thing.

A lot depends on what amount of carbs you can tolerate. And sometimes once you get your blood sugar levels controlled you can loosen some of the restrictions. I think you can be a managed type 2 and do pretty good. Everyone varies of course.

My husband does pretty good, he didn’t want to completely give up bread, crackers, pasta, cookies. So he had to learn how to eat them. His A1c is in the low 6’s and he’s happy with that and so is his doctor. He does take metformin and probably always will because of foods he doesn’t want to give up.

He’s learned to take a portion of crackers etc that equals 15 carbs only. He waits to eat things like that when his numbers are low, otherwise if he’s hungry he eats only the “safe” foods like the bowl of veggies, salad or fake meatballs etc. If his numbers climb too much he goes for a swim or takes a walk to bring them down. Otherwise it means a really strict day of eating.

He also doesn’t eat potatoes, pastas, sweets if his numbers are higher. He never eats a dessert type item with a meal, he waits until his number is in an acceptable range or he does without those type of items. That was hard for him at first.

Soda is pure sugar water…you really shouldn’t drink it. That said if you absolutely don’t want to give it up, maybe if your blood sugar control allows it, you might have one thing once a day not over 15 carbs? That means the best way would be to pick, snacking on crackers OR a small amount of soda OR a sweet all kept within 15 carbs once a day. try to pick something healthier for the other one or two snacks a day like an apple or orange, blueberries. Honestly, the trick to management is about your blood sugar numbers. Some people can get away with certain foods more than others, but you have to watch how your numbers respond to what you eat. Some people have to be stricter than others. Exercise is one of the most helpful things with keeping numbers down.

BTW an apple and an orange are pretty close to the same carb count. They both net about 20 carbs. And both the apple and the orange (not juice) would be a lot better choice than a soda because they have fiber and some nutrients in them. . Learn to look up the carbs in foods and to carb count. It’s critical for portion control.

Maybe see a Diabetic Educator? Most medical groups have one and most insurance covers a visit once or twice a year. They usually have guides they can send you home with.


@Zwired Type 2, No CGM, I go back to the GP next month. A1C was 5.5

I plan on asking to go to a endo next month. And if she won’t ref me to a Endo then I guess I will have to find another GP.


BTW @CWM030 Endos are very backed up and it’s not unusual to have to wait 3-6 months to get into one. Diabetic Educators usually are easier to get an appointment with and can spend a lot more time on the actual do’s and don’ts of eating, exercise etc as their appointments are usually 45-60 minutes. I think all or at least most medical groups have one. Some depending on the group, state or maybe degrees they have can also recommend tests or supplies to your doctor. I’m not sure if you even need a referral for a DE, but you might ask for that referral appointment too.

Internal medicine doctors can be a good choice if you can’t get in to see an endo.

I actually see a Diabetologist which is an endocrinologist with a sub specialty for diabetes.

It’s a rare thing to find and I live in a big city. But even with all that, the nurse practitioner in the office gives me way more info and understanding than any doctor has.

This woman works only with diabetics and knows all the testing and pumps and insulin’s and options. I am really lucky to have her.
I only see my doctor when I’m having some issue, which is pretty rare.

Do a referral to a dietitian, you need a plan that is fit for you. You should never be drinking full sugar soda,sorry., Nancy50

I have had a coke on my bedside table for years in case I have a serious low at night but have never been low enough to justify using it.