Carbs + Sugars?

I’ve started to have Greek yogurt with breakfast ( plus turkey bacon and egg whites) and it has completely destroyed my blood sugar numbers. 1 single serve container of vanilla Greek yogurt has 18 carbs. So that translates to 1.8 units of insulin. My blood sugar spikes from 120 to 184 (with arrow pointing up). After having this disease for 40 years, I thought I knew how to dose my insulin, but I guess not.

There are also 13 grams of sugar in that container of yogurt but I have never bolused for sugars in addition to carbs. Should I? Is that the problem, am I supposed to be adding sugars to the carbs? 13 + 18 = 31, 3.1 units of insulin for a single container of yogurt? That can’t be right.


Sugars are already part of the carb count.

Which is not to say something else does not need to be done. If the expected bolus is not working and you see it consistently on a certain food then it needs to be adjusted.

But definitely NOT carbs + sugars.

I have heard some other people mention Greek yogurt impacting differently than expected.

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So 13 of 18 carbs is sugar. Sugar is digested more quickly, and hits BG sooner.

If you delay eating the yogurt, or have other lower sugar items first, you may get less spike in BG.

The other variable is where insulin is injected. Some locations absorb faster.

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Additional to the above, fat content can have a delaying effect on carb digestion, and that can result in unexpected spikes. Unless this is low-fat yogurt that could be a factor.

Sugars are counted in the total carbs so no, you do not add sugars to the sugar count as Tim mentioned. My guess, and it is just a guess is that as MM1 says sugar is digested more quickly and hits BG sooner and that you are either not taking a pre-bolus for your yogurt, or your pre-bolus time is too short. You could consider both a pre-bolus or longer pre-bolus time or a little more insulin or a combination of both.

You may even want to pre-bolus and not start eating your yogurt until your number starts to drop with arrow still level. I have the same problem with various yogurts so have gone to other foods rather than remember to make sure I pre-bolus just at the right time and change my I:C ratio.

BG tends to rise during the morning so you may also be getting a double whammy. My I:C ratio is normally 1:3 but for breakfast needs to be 1:2 to flatline.

Get a better yogurt with less added sugars.

Do not get low fat because they usually ADD sugar to make up for the loss of flavour in low fat variety.


I am a TD2, but I consume plain Greek yogurt. If a whole milk version is not available, I blend in heavy whipping cream to add fat and to help slow down any natural residual milk sugars (lactose). One cup of whole milk Greek yogurt has about five carbs.


My post-yogurt glucose levels are much better behaved if I choose a yogurt like the Fage Total Classic Plain Greek Yogurt with 9 grams of carbs and 11 grams of fat in a full 8-ounce serving. If I want a bit of sweetness, I’ll add some berries and a sprinkle of stevia.