Yogurt and Blood Sugar

I love eating yogurt in the morning for breakfast. My favorite yogurt is Chobani Greek Yogurt. However, I have been noticing that after I eat this particular yogurt my blood sugar sky rockets!! This doesn't happen with any other yogurt, just Chobani. Anyone else having problems like this. . . I just don't get it.

Try a "light" yogurt , which has less sugar.

The Fage Greek yogurt (with Fruit) even though it is not light, does not spike my blood sugar. I don't eat the Chobani flavored yogurt as it is too high carb.

My current favorite, from a BG control point of view, is Dannon Light Greek Yogurt. Each container is only 9 grams of carb and it tastes pretty good. The other light yogurts are around 16-17 grams and the regular yogurts are around 25 grams.

what kind of Chobani is it? There are lots of choices. How long does it take after you eat it for your blood sugar to sky rocket?

I'm actually surprised. Chobani is a greek style yogurt which is usually pretty low carb. If it is plain yogurt, it is even stranger. I make my own yogurt, half cream and half milk and I ferment it for 12 hours. It is very low carb and quite rich. Add a few fresh berries and you are good to go.

Perhaps you actually have a milk allergy? That could cause an inordinate rise in blood sugar.

I tried the Dannon Light tonight and love it!!! No side effects either :slight_smile: thinking I’ll have to give up my favorite yogurt.

It’s the Peach flavor that I eat most often. I’m pretty sure it happens with them all though. I just came to this conclusion after paying attention and writing things down for the last week.

No allergy, been tested. I think my body is just trying to tell me something. I like the idea is making my own yogurt!!

You might do better using the plain yogurt and added a little bit of your own fruit instead of buying a flavored yogurt.

Do you eat plain or flavored i eat plain non fat every morning cuz i realized the flavored ones are loaded with sugar prob a fast acting one sense its flavored yoplait makes a weight watchers greek yogurt very good

We do our own yogurt, it takes few hours and is easy and cheap. Then you add what you like, honey, marmelade or nothing at all.
Often the yogurt you buy is rich in added sugar.

Do you have a recipe?

Chobani peach Yogurt has 20 grams of carbohydrate per 6 oz serving. Just because most of the Greek yogurts are non-fat doesn't mean that they are great for you. Most of the flavored versions have sugar or honey which of course will raise your BG a lot especially if you're not bolusing for it. For me, even if I bolus for things like this with sugar, my BG usually spikes before the insulin kicks in.

Actually many of us with Type 1 choose the full-fat versions of things like yogurt because the fat slows down the impact of carbs. Most Greek yogurts that you see in the store are non-fat and filled with sugar. I occasionally buy a full-fat type of Greek yogurt, and add berries and Splenda for sweetness. I would never eat any of the already flavored Greek yogurts.

I really don't like my full-fat Greek yogurts all that much. I feel like I'm eating sour cream! Dr. Bernstein in his book really recommends full-fat Fage Yogurt. I've never been able to find that, but I have found another brand that seems to work. Often the calorie/carb counts on the big containers of these yogurts are for 4 ounces which is 1/2 a cup. So you really have to be careful and read labels.

I tend to eat a regular full-fat plain yogurt that I like better than the Greek Yogurts. It has more carbs than the full-fat Greek yogurts, so I'm trying to convince myself to love the Greek yogurts instead.

This discussion prompts me to preach or complain on one of my frustrations. Places life Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are supposed to be so healthy and organic. The problem is that they put tons of honey and other sweeteners in a lot of their food. Maybe it's organic honey, but it's a catastrophe for those of use with diabetes. Same with places like Panera Bread. Oh yes, it's healthy, but even things like their chicken salad and balsamic vinaigrette are filled with carbs. I participate in a type 1 get-together that always meets at Panera Bread. It's a killer for my blood sugar.

Lathump, thanks for the reply! I understand the whole sugar and absorption thing. But why doesn’t this happen with other things like a candy bar or fruit??? I must be getting old :slight_smile: I always bolus when I eat cards. Well accept when I eat bananas, I don’t need to. I agree with the Whole Foods and Trade Joes thing! I used to shop their obsessively and learned after hundreds of dollars that I’m better off at Cub.

I used to meet up with a group at Panera Bread too. Is this the one in the Twin Cities. I’m trying to get reconnected!

I sent you a direct message, but I certainly agree with what you're saying. One thing to remember is that carb counts aren't always correct. Like BG meters, I think they're allowed to be 20% off. Sometimes I think it's a wonder that we get anything right!

I know this isn't an answer to you question but I do have a favorite low carb yogurt that I love. It is sold in Kroger stores and is their store brand it's called Carb Master it has only 4 carbs per serving and it taste great. It comes in several fruit flavors.If you have a Kroger store in your area you might try it.

I like Yoplait light parfait, with the granola. It's around 35 grams though, but I don't have problems with post spikes, even with the fruit. You don't have to add the granola which is a plus.

The only yogurt I can eat is called "Carbmaster" which only has 4 grams of carbs in it. Even if I eat "Lite" yogurt, it makes my bloodsugar sky rocket, even if I bolus correctly for the carbs. It's one of those foods that just reacts strangely in my body.

Sorry to hear. Chobani is part of my day usually every day. Though I try to stick with the plain or vanilla even the heavy fruit stuff is usually only 20 carbs. What are you at level's wise before eating it? I know if I go in at 80, and bolus for 20 it's usually a nice slow rise (due to all of the protein) and a steady fall afterwards.

Sorry to hear your having troubles. If it makes you feel any better, sugar free pudding spikes me worse than regular pudding.

I have had a hard time with several different brands and I just don't really like the greek yogurt that well. Hopefully my luck will hold with the yoplait light.

Sugar free pudding lol surprisingly enough gave me a bit of a spike. Im like REALLY, lol.