Is it really necessary to see a Cardiologist for screening when I
had a stress test 5 years ago? I’m not having any problems but, my GP wants to set up an appointment with a Cardiologist.

Do it.
There is peace of mind after the visit. If your doc wants you to see him though, perhaps he thinks there might be a problem.

I had an ultrasound done by my cardiologist last year because I had chest pains related to a strained pectoral muscle.

My GP told me to see him against my better judgement.
Afterwards I found I have very clear arteries and It made me feel fantastic to know.
I feel the same way after getting my retinal photos done. It's like letting go of a lot of saved up stress.

When I had my kidney transplant, my transplant center required every diabetic of over 25 years experience to have an angiogram (a stress test was deemed to not cut it - not accurate enough especially in women). I had no symptoms and yet required 2 stents. It was a relief to have that taken care of before a major surgery. I didn't want to have an attack on the table.

I would say go for it. If you are fine, then peace of mind will be your friend for quite a while. If not, then things can be taken care of. A lot can happen in 5 years.

No, she didnt find any problems. She wanted me to go last year but, when I asked her if it was really necessary, she asked if heart disease ran i my family. She’s only following guidelines to be screened.

How often are we supposed to go for a stress test anyway?

Hey Cora, I remember you from another board. You always gave good advice! I know getting a stress test is no big deal, I was just trying to avoid going! Lol

Hope you’re feeling well!