Hi there
Anyone with experience in using Carelink?
Im finally got a new laptop (non Vista) which allows Carelink to work on my PC so have managed to load my Pump details. Ive got a Medtronic Minimed.
The problem I now have is loading my blood testing results. Im currently using Accucheck Mobile which isnt listed. Ive emailed them but no response.

Anyways I can work around it or is it worthwhile getting a different blood test machine to allow it to all sync together.
Although my HBA1C is great, we are looking to be pregnant so my specialist is keen to have all the information so she manage whilst we wait for a baby to arrive.

I think the easiest way to get the BG results into CareLink is to use the bolus wizard when you test, even if you don’t bolus?

Push the "B" button enter BG into the bolus wizard and then (push the ESC button) it's saved in the pump and will show up on your Carelink reports.

I use the meter that came with my pump and have had no problems. I also am using the continous monitor and upload the data from that. Does yur endo also use carelink? Are you using the CGM as well?


Thanks Ive just started doing that but it seems like double effort when my meter records everything but looks like I may have no other options

My endo does use Carelink, thats why she is so keen to get all my results in there. Unfortunately Im in Oz, so CGM is too expensive ($100 a sensor) and no private health insurance company will subsidise. If any of them are listening Im happy to be a guinea pig (ha ha!)

I think CareLink will also compile the data from your pump? To me, that was huge progress, as I didn't have to be concerned about gathering numbers or thinking of some clever excuse for the doc. The numbers are there and are in intelligible reports that I've found pretty easy to make changes from?

Yep I have the pump information but I haven't until recently been entering the BG results in. Its just a change of behaviour thing. Just thought it would be easier to go the BGL automated load. I work in IT, Id prefer the PC to do as much as I can

I suggest getting a new meter. I use the one that they gave me when i got my new REVEL pump about 6 months ago. It is the Onetouch Ultralink.
It sends the results to y pump via some kind of telemetry I think prob Bluetooth? Im not sure but it sends all my data to my pump. I can choose to use to to calibrate my CGM or not but all results are logged.

I bought a second one to keep at work. I traded in my old onetouch meter and it ended up only costing me 29$. If you threaten to use a competing meter, they are more likely to give you a break I think.

I dont bother to upload my meters results because they are all already in my pump, but I tried it once to see and it worked perfectly.

I would recommend using the meter that came with the pump. The meter sends the reading to the pump, so it will be recorded in the pump. BUT, you can also get a cable from Medtronic (or Lifescan, can't remember who provided me the cable) that will enable you to also upload the meter info to Carelink. This is good if you use the tags in the meter to note if a reading was before or after a meal, after exercise, etc. I have found this REALLY helpful when I wanted to get more detailed information.

The only thing I really want from Minimed now is for them to come out with a complimentary iPhone app that would enable me to add in additional details/information about my day (i.e., other snacks I have that I don't bolus for, exercise details, etc). For me, this is the last missing piece that would make Carelink even better.

Thanks, unfortunately I got my pump and meter at different times. Where Im from there is no such thing as a set.
I might try Accu Check again or alternatively Ill 'just stick with entering BGLs into my pump.