Minimed Paradigm 522

Okay I just have a question…I am going to order the Minimed Paradigm pump but I was wondering: do you have to use the One Touch meters with it, or can I just continue to use my Accu-check Aviva? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

I have the One Touch meter that comes with it and it is really handy because it uploads my BG automatically, which comes in really handy. So I would recommend using the One Touch. When I got my pump, the meter came along with it so it was just that much more convenient. But if you are attached to your Aviva then I would stick with that. I personally like the Carelink feature since it helps when looking at patterns with my BG. Good luck with the pump I love my Minimed paradigm 715. I am up for an upgrade soon so I am really excited about getting a new color.

I use another meter as my insurance company at the time wouldn’t cover the strips for the 1 touch.

I use the Accuchek Aviva with my 722 pump as the One Touch Strips are no longer covered by my insurance.

All of the bloods sugars you manually enter into the bolus wizard will show up on Carelink reports. They will show up on the pump history only if a bolus is actually given. The Aviva is also compatible with Carelink but you’d need to get the cable separately. Most of the time I just upload my pump to Carelink and don’t bother adding the meter too. I will upload the meter also if I’ve had a lot more lows and other readings that I don’t plug into the bolus wizard.


Thanks guys! I’m not sure if my insurance covers the strips for the One Touch is the main problem. i’m not especially attached to my Aviva meter so I guess I just want to do whatever’s easiest and cheapest. What exactly are the advantages of having my bg put into the pump automatically? I am totally new to pumping-when i get it the Minimed will be my very first pump!!

Well for me (and this may sound ridiculous) I may check my blood sugar and then once I get around to eating I have forgotten what it is and I can just look at my pump and the answer is already there waiting for me. Sounds ridiculous, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life not having to enter my bg into the pump is just easier with everything else happening in my head. Good luck with pumping, it has made my life so much easier.

If you do carb counting the pump can automatically calculate the bolus for carbs and the correction for a BG above your target value. To use this functionality the pumps must know the current BG and it is much more convenient when this is done automatically by the meter. This way much of the important information is saved in the pump. So you and your endo can download the pump data for analysis to find systematic problems.