Carrying all your supplies around? (for women)

Just curious as to what people (namely women) with diabetes use to carry all their stuff around? I’m very glad that the “big purse” fad is popular right now. Any particular bags that work well? Especially when you’re going to/from work?

Hi Andie. I carry around a lot less supplies now that I am on the pump. I should carry around glucose tablets and my glucagon pen more than I do, but I don’t. I keep everything in a large freezer bag haha I then carry decent size purses… but I always liked larger bags. I want to buy a make-up bag or something to put everything in. Something that could also double as a purse for going out…

I only carry my meter stuff, and the case doubles as my wallet. Got a bottle of sugar soda in the car, or juice.

I only carry my meter stuff and a pen incase I have a site failure…I like to change purses alot so I carry everything in a Vera Bradley pouch I can grab quick for purse changes. I stash sweet tarts in all my bags so I don’t have to worry about crashing.

i carry my meter with my insulin and a few syringes.

the in my pocketbook i always carry a spare infusion set and reservoir (and ketostix) in a little makeup case type thing.

i was looking for something i could carry everything together in…but everything seemed pricey and i really like my meter kit…

i always carry a big bag…i haven’t had a ‘moment’ yet when i had a small bag. not sure what i’ll do.