How do you handle the full-time job of carrying a meter?

I take my meter with me everywhere. It’s in another manufacturer’s case fastened to my belt with a D-clip. Sometimes it seems like they were all designed to be used maybe once a week and then tucked away in a drawer. I know that’s not the case, but I wish they were easier to cart around with me. The meter itself is not the problem, but I like to keep the meter, the test strips and the blood-letting device together in a case for convenience.

What do other people do? Which meter do you think is the easiest to carry with you?

I keep everything in my ‘portable pancreas’ (my handbag, as I wrote about on my blog) Which tends to overflow. Don’t stand too close, it might POP!

As I said in that post, I reckon I need to move on to using a backpack. A handbag is (to me anyway) generally a fairly dainty little thing… not this fat bulging mess of a bag where the zips hardly do up!

The trickiest bit for me is when I’m riding my bike. My bike is new and basic, it has no area to attach anything. I have a bum-bag but it gets in the way when I’m riding so I don’t wear it. I’ve tried attaching it to the bike, with some success, but it ends up flopping around… but I’ll find a way! So long as I have my meter and a few lollies, I’m ok. At least I thought to buy a water bottle holder when I bought the bike!

I wouldn’t go anywhere without my meter, insulin, lollies & water. I can leave my cellphone behind… even my wallet, but never ever my D supplies. They’re a part of me… my portable pancreas must be with me at all times.

I guess this is one of those times where being a woman is a good thing. I just pop mine in my purse, then when I get home, I move it to my desk, then my bedside cabinet. I love my Accu-Check Compact because I don’t have to worry about strips. I keep extra drums (holds 17 strips) at work, in my car, in my purse and in my husband’s truck so there is never a concern that I’ll run out. I’ve been having the same meter for 4 years and I’ve only had to change the battery once. I love it.

I carry a messenger bag I got at H&M which seems to be sufficient. Previously, I used a half-backpack, but they didn’t seem to sell many out the following year when my bag was shredded, so I looked for alternatives. When I am really traveling light, I will stuff everything into a touristy fanny pack, but usually I prefer the larger messenger bag … it looks better and holds more.

So far I throw everything that I think I might need into a backpack that I used to use for a diaper bag. I have enough room in there for the meter pack with the strips and the lancet device, wipes, juice box, glucose tablets, and a notebook to record everything in. We’re still new at this so I am sure that it will become less as soon as we are more stable. I am anxious to try the mini meter. I think it might be easier to carry.


I just toss it in my purse, of course, this now means my purse always goes with me, and I don’t really use my small purse or my fanny pack anymore, but it’s not bad once you get used to it.

I agree with Jolie, being a woman also works for me :slight_smile: I just toss everything in my purse as well: meter (in an all included case), insulin pen (also in the case it came in) in case my pump suddenly stops working, spare supplies for the pump in case a tire … sorry the set goes bad, some petrol in the form of glucose tabs. The only side effect is I can hardly pick the purse up but at least I’m prepared.

I agree, girls luck out here. My D-supplies are my excuse to buy a Coach bag. Pre-pump, I never even carried a purse. But, I had to do the girly thing and buy a purse once I started pumping 3 years ago. I carry my MM Logic meter in it’s original case. In that case, I have extra insulin, test strips, battery, syringe (just in case) and my poker. My purse also has my glucose tabs, extra infusion set (just in case) and a reservoir. After adding my wallet, my cell and a pill container for daily meds I really don’t have any extra space. Being married to the pump definitely requires me to have a bag with me at all times. I bring the meter case (which has most of my essential supplies) from my purse into my desk at work and at home it is moved to the kitchen. I figure since I eat there, I do most of my testing there. I have a second meter by my bed which stays there all the time. I have an extra in my desk at work just in case I forget my regular one. The only exception I really make to carrying everything in my purse is if I go to a ballgame, concert, or some sort of outdoor festival-type thing. In those cases, I try to condense to a smaller bag, sometimes a backpack to keep me hands free. It’s always a challenge finding the right bag to store supplies. Trips to Disney, for instance, typically require a small backpack suitable for supplies, snacks and a camera. I remember pre-pump, all I would carry is a pre-loaded syringe which I would typically place in my pocket. Those days are gone ;o(

I’m in college, so I just put my little case with meter, strips etc. in a pocket of my bookbag (one of those messenger bag things). The only pain is when I’m just going out with friends or something and I have to go around with that bulky thing in my pocket. I’d actually prefer taking my bookbag, but it’s a bit much for my testing supplies. I need to find something that can attach to my belt (and stay there), and hold everything I need to have with me without being too bulky.

I carry a bag or backpack to work everyday with my purse, meter (in the case that came with it), extra reservoirs & infusion sets, insulin, a couple of syringes in case my pump stops working, my lunch, and enough snacks to get through the day. I have glucose tabs in my purse. Lately I’ve been just taking this same bag wherever I go on the weekends.

If I’m going somewhere that I don’t want to keep up with my bag or a decent-sized purse, I’ll put the meter, fingersticker, and strips in a small purse or pocket or my hubby’s pocket with my drivers license, cash, and glucose tabs. If I’m really trying to squeeze things into a small space, like when I’m going for a long run and have to put everything in my water bottle waist pack, I take the meter, strips (not in the bottle), and just the lancet without the fingersticker device all in a ziplock.

All of my meters are about the same size, so I carry my main meter, my One Touch UltraSmart.

I carry it in my purse. I used to have the Peacock purse, but decided it was too big, so I got the Adorn purse. It’s a tiny bit too small for me, but I’m still using it, so I guess I must like it okay. They also make a messenger bag which would probably be better for guys :wink:

I started carrying a purse when I was 11, a few months after I was diagnosed, and since then they only keep getting bigger. People call it my “granny-purse”. I don’t mind it too much as I feel secure carrying something heavy that I can whack that crazy mugger in the parking lot with if necessary (or the carefully stacked product display in the department store, whoops.)

The only time when that I wish I had a better way to carry my meter is when I go for a walk or a mini hike in the woods behind my house. Then I want to be hands free, but my meter is too big to fit in my pocket what with the glucose tabs, cell phone, pump, and sometimes the iPod that all have to come too. Is there such a thing as an attractive fanny pack?

Like many others I just throw my kit (2 insulin pens, a few spare needles, and a testing kit - meter, pot of testing strips and clicky pen priker thing all nicely contained in a little pouch) into whichever bag I’m using. The only one I have issues with is my little Eastpak bag; the testing kit takes up 99.9% of the room but I’m learning to work around it!

OOOOhhhhh an excuse to buy a new bag!!

“But honey, I need THIS bag…it is tailor made to carry all my diabetic supplies.”

Oh yeah! :smiley:

So many replies… it’s great to hear what other folks deal with the same minor annoyance. Thanks.

hmmm… the One Touch Mini is one I’ve been thinking about. Between newspaper coupons and the manufacturor’s web site, they’re giving them away right now.

I carry a rather large backpack with me every day. I’m in NYC and take public transportation, so I don’t have a car I can leave stuff in. I also bring my lunch to work every day so that goes into the backpack along with a book and some other odds & ends. I have an UltraSmart meter and I put that (in its case) in a small inner pocket that’s easy to get to no matter how jammed full of stuff the bag gets. I have a small plastic container (meant for food storage) that contains 2 extra infusion sets, a reservoir, two syringes, my current vial of Humalog, several vials of strips, a little tube of antibiotic ointment, some band aids, alcohol swabs, IV Prep wipes and Tegaderm. Oh,and 2 AAA batteries, which both my meter & pump use. It might sound like a lot but it all fits compactly into the rectangular container.

I agree, it’s much easier to be a woman if you have to carry something with you all the time. My Freestyle Flash test kit, about the size of a large wallet, fits just fine in my purse, along with a vial of Humalog and a few syringes. I’ve thought of getting the One Touch Mini or that one gadget where the meter is built into the test strips canister, for times I don’t want to carry a purse, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

I got tired of carrying around the meter (FreeStyle Flash) and with and pager, cell phone and iPod also attached at my hip, I was starting to look like a cyborg. I kept forgetting it in restaurants and friends homes In fact, my first meter ended up in the trash. While out for lunch, I finished eating and dumped my tray contents including my meter.

I purchased a laptop back pack in which I now carry my Novolog Flexpen, and a supply of lancets, test strips, flexpen needles, glucose tablets, and alchohol swabs. On my MacBook I use the CalorieKing Exercise and Nutrition to track my meals and update my stats on

The backpack goes with me EVERYWHERE; work, the mall, the grocery store.

I’m lucky that I’m a girl AND a writer. I hardly ever leave home without my purse or a messenger bag that’s full of notebooks. Pop my lil’ ol’ case in there, and off I go.

But I always have to have a medium-to-large sized purse to fit everything in. Wallet, BG kit, pill bottles, syringes, insulin, all kinds of crazy crap…

There are times when I think, “There’s got to be a better way to do this.” But then I realize I could be trying to haul it all around in just a pocket. Yikes!

When we go on vacation, my pump supplies get their own suitcase. This way we can leave everything in boxes with their original labels on them.

This is quite funny because one of the first things i said when i found out i had diabetes was ‘great, i need a new bag! lets go shopping!’ There is a Flickr Group called ‘whats in your bag’. I post on there every now and then and I did a special post on there recently because of the new bag i bought to accommodate all my gear. here is the pic i added to the group! :slight_smile: enjoy.