How do you carry your supplies?

Okay, so being a type 1 diabetic i have to at all times carry the following:

Lancet Device
Test Strips
Humalog insulin ( currently the quikpen )
Needle caps
Alcohol Swabs ( i know some test and inject without these… but… just cant do it myself without the feel of that alcohol on the test / injection site! )
Glucose wafers
and i always carry 2 syringes with me as well just incase something happens with the pen needle i can draw the insulin directly from the pen into the syringe, call me paranoid. but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it… so… my question is to any others out there who have come up with an easy, convenient and not fashion suicide ( fanny pack died in the 90s and should stay there! ) way to carry everything?.. my pockets are sometimes just too small to fit it all!.. maybe i’m a little too vain … but… i want to control my diabetes, i dont want it controlling me. Thanks in advance!

LOL, I had to buy a new larger handbag to cope with spectacles case, hearing aid stuff and now diabetes supplies. In my case because I am T2 this is not too onerous. Totes are top fashion now, go grab one quickly!!!

Being a woman is easier cause it all goes in my purse!

I heard a guy on NPR say that he carried a diaper bag for his child, and when his child didn’t need it anymore, he just kept carrying it for his own stuff… How about a small backpack?

I would say to get a little backpack and use that.

I put everything in my purse. I have a zip lock bag that has my
humalog 75/25 pen
pen needles
alcohol swaps
my container that holds my pen needles till I can get home or go to my boyfriend’s house
candy of some sort as it works better than the glucose tablets
I also have my hearing aid stuff too so I have all around me
I have a spare box of test strips at my boyfriend’s house.

I switch my purses off depending on my mood and where I am going. I do have a purse that has separate compartments as well. So this is what I do

I just carry a big purse with everything I need. Being a girl has its advantages sometimes. I do know a 17 year old guy who’s diabetic that carries a messenger bag with all his supplies in it. It’s on the smaller side but doesn’t look like a purse at all, and as far as I know no one has ever questioned him about it. They just know he’s diabetic and that that’s what the bag is for.

yeah having a girlfriend makes it all so much easier… i have a small case equipped with novolin r and n, one syringe which i replace each morning, strips with a meter on the lid (sidekick), and my favorite lancet (softclix)… pretty minimal. the zip bag i have which came with an old meter has a loop on it, which i put my belt through and wear on my side. it probably looks like a camera or something. i don’t know about the rest of you, but i don’t worry about keeping my insulin on an ice pack. i just never leave it in the sun or in the car if it’s hot. have never had any problems with my insulin kept that way. so that’s how i manage when i don’t have a lady around.)

yes, My wife does get the “honor” of carrying my supplies when she’s with me! but… well… for some reason i cant get her to follow me around all the time… maybe i should get a leash! heh… hrm, i will have to look into a messenger bag… i could probably pull that off, maybe sew on some cool patches or something…

Manpurse(messenger bag) keep medical info in main compartment plus notebook reading book, snacks and its a fill in diaper bag. Keep my D supplies in the front smaller compartment it hold everything well.

Hello Joe:

No you don’t. !!!

In truth, you need NONE of those items! It is very possible to not carry any of them and have absolutely no problems what so ever in the short term anyway…

I too carry the test kit, the insulin pen to places, but not always. If you carry all those items always, who is controlling whom I ask? Does the ability to know any second some magical number truly provide something of genuine value?

While I respect your vigilence, (and understand it) I reject the basic premise. Btw, using alcohol as not been “protocol” for a very long time.


I have a desk drawer with extra supplies at work as well as insulin in a locked fridge. Carry a 6X9 " 3" deep black moda jr weekender that carries extra insluin, symlin, pen needles, syringes, scissors, IV300 neposoprin, hand sanitizer, glucagon, epi-pens, etc…

We live in earhtquake, fire, heavy snow fast, area…and better prepared than not. I am ok for a minimum of 3 days (prob closer to a week) no matter where I get stuck.

While i don’t carry everything if i’m running up to the local circle K for gas, my life is anything but predictable, a 15 minute trip to the grocery store with the wife has many times turned into a night out at cheesecake factory, and a movie after. I spent almost a week in the hospital just over a month ago because i didn’t keep tabs on those magic numbers… my wife almost lost her husband, the look on her face when i woke up the morning after i was taken in, was like a slap in the face… and not even remembering what had happened the night before because i was so out of it… well i’m a control freak and loosing such a large chunk of time, and hearing the story from my wife of what happened… well all this has made me realize, i may not like this disease i have, but i can control it, and while i don’t have a fear of death, if it will help my wife sleep a little better, and me enjoy a little more time on this earth with her, well… i dont think a filled up pocket and carting around supplies is such a bad thing… now as far as the alcohol thing goes… that’s just my preference… truly dont ever remember being told i had to do it that way… but hey… makes me feel better… but hey!! i found some nice messenger bags out there that i like… one has a nice tribal dragon on it, the other has a cool nuclear symbol , also found one that says " bag of holding " on it at … being able to express my chic geek style won’t make it so bad! lol

Oh for a real bag of holding or a portable hole

When I was flying a lot for work I got a clear plastic cosmetic bag that zips shut. Not too big, 8"x8". I put all my med supplies in that. I know everything is all together and can move it easily from purse to daypack to messenger bag to bathrooom at home.

Maybe I hang out with the hipster crowd, but I see plenty of guys carrying messenger bags and backpacks everywhere. Add a Moleskin and a collection of pens and you’ll fit right in.

I am very into fashion and organization, so I searched high and low for the right bag to carry my T1 supplies ( I too carry them EVERYWHERE with me. That is part of being our own pancreas, and I wouldn’t leave that at home.) I carry almost all those things you do, plus a folded tissue to blot blood (what do others do for this?) and hand sanitizer. Also, instead of glucose wafers, I carry 3 raw sugar packets (almost 15 grams). (Lightweight/slim/relatively pure.)

It seems this is an easier issue as a female, but I’m thinking you can do something similar to me. I found a great cosmetic bag at TJ Maxx that was actually for a high end cosmetic line. It’s red patent leather with lots of compartments (pouches and mesh zippered pockets). Maybe not your style-lol- but look for a men’s toiletries bag (like a Dopp) or even a plain women’s cosmetics bag. Target has a good selection too (by the lotion and face wash stuff). Most of these have enough pouches and zippered pockets that you can store all your stuff neatly and have quick access to it.

Being a woman is easier in schlepping supplies. At least we have one advantage somewhere.

I squeeze everything in my meter case–syringes, insulin vial (in the zippered part) & of course meter, strips & lancing torture device. Guess a pen wouldn’t fit. The more separate I keep stuff, more likely I am to lose something. Glucose tabs are too bulky. I have tiny plastic bags of jelly beans stashed in my purse, car, desk & nightstand. I don’t use alcohol swabs. They dry out skin badly.

Always better to be prepared & have everything with you, not paranoid.

There are some great looking messenger bags. Death to the fanny pack.

Now, Stu, U Know I am an old schoolopre-glucometer diabetic ( 42 years type one). But NOW in 2010,I really like knowing , not guessing at my numbers.That is why I have several, so that in case of absent mindedness, I have a back- up.even with my CGMs. But I am a girlie, so a purse carries all my goodies ( and yes I keep a back-up infusion set in my car in a"medical" bag ( it is actually one of those currently in vogue grocery store “green” cloth bags, with a zipper.

You are really into NOT having to take it around… Hmmm

God bless,


i carry a backpack with all my things… meds, books, laptop, business cards, etc.
never know