The Omnipod PDM

This isn't as much a question about the Omnipod, but more about the PDM that controls it. I am about to upgrade to a new pump and the omnipod is at the top of my list right now. The one problem I think I might have with it is keeping up with the PDM. I lose everything (BG meters among them). I usually keep one at work and a couple more at home, and still I can't keep up with them. I am forever trying to find where I last placed it. With Omnipod, I am afraid that I'll go to work and forget the PDM at home and will not have any way to get myself insulin. At least with my current pump, I'm tied to it so it follows me around everywhere I go.

I guess my question is, how expensive are the PDMs? Does the Omnipod come with 1 or 2 of them? Is it possible to get a second one to leave at work? If I lose one, can they be easily replaced?



from my understanding, they're pretty expensive to replace. I've heard that some people have a replacement/backup, but I think it depends on your insurance whether they cover it. If they don't, it can be pricey. I think mine cost around $500, and that was with insurance... one thing my CDE did have me consider before choosing Omnipod was if I forget my meter sometimes, b/c you are right, if you forget to take the PDM with you, you won't be able to bolus.

The omnipod will only come with 1 PDM because that is all that is required for "one pump". Unlike a meter that works independently, once you pair your PDM with a pod on your body, only that PDM will talk with that it's not a case of leaving one at the house and one at work, unfortunately.

They *can* be "easily" replaced (for a cost of $500ish like Matti said, plus an overnight wait period which is really 2ish days, considering that the order may not actually be placed until next business day). But of course I wouldn't recommend it lol.

I guess you should ask yourself these questions:
Do you have a cell phone? And can you keep up with it?

I place the PDM on the same "level of importance", and since I can keep up with my cell phone, I feel like I have the same ability to keep up with the PDM. is the web-site that can answer your questions and give you Customer Care to answer more.
I agree with all of the responses above. I think I have forgotten my PDM just once in the 1 1/2 years I have been using PODS.
You can do a free trial of PODS without PDM, but sub something for it, which may answer the question if it is for you or not.

To Brad: I understand concerns about forgetting the PDM. I am also somewhat absentminded, and I have forgotten my pod once, which really was a pain. I had to go to the drugstore, get a generic glucose monitor and supplies, as I was hours away from home. I did learn something though: ALWAYS carry back up supplies. The pump can fail, even if you have the PDM. So I now carry a back up pen in my purse at all times . And , in my PDM pouch, I carry some insulin, swabs and needles. I have a two layer back up system . This is more insulin to keep track of and monitor, but all type one folks have to be prepared for an unexpected high /equipment failure.

I got one of these and put it on my PDM case :)

If you mislay the PDM you can't bolus until you find it again. Having a spare doesn't help; after activation of each pod it becomes irrevocably tied to that PDM. It's better to carry an insulin pen and needles; if necessary you can bolus with that until you get back to the PDM, and it also works if the pod fails or gets ripped off.

I wouldn't let it stop you though; surely even if you have to superglue the PDM to your earlobe it's still better than having a tubed pump?

John Bowler

Thanks Scott, I'm definitely going to have to get me one of these. I wish it worked on Android though. Thanks for sharing.

Great thoughts from all of you. I have a small refrigerator at work. I can keep a vial of insulin and syringes at work to go along with my backup meter. I've been connected to a tube for 15 years, so I'm definitely looking forward to something new.

That was my first thought, Scott. I didn't know they were actually out yet, though. Current orders are for fall shipment.

I don't think you'll regret your decision, Brad, although this is the only pump I've ever had.

Thanks for posting that link! Cool product!