Catholic Women With Type 1 Diabetes Practicing Natural Family Planning

I was wondering if there were any women with type 1 who are using NFP to avoid and plan their pregnancies and what your experiences were. I am 21 and am looking forward to one day having a family using NFP. I am firm in my stance again contraception. I will not use the pill or any other kind of contraceptive. I know how important it is for diabetics to plan pregnancy well before conception and was wondering if anyone had anything they could share. Also any websites or other resources concerning NFP and type 1 diabetes would be great!

I am using a MM 522 pump and a MM CGM.


I know there are monitors (like with pee sticks) that can tell you when you are most fertile and are ovulating, so you could tune into your rhythm, and know when to avoid activity and getting pregnant. =) Or you could make sure you always have premium blood sugars in case of pregnancy.

Elizabeth, I think it is really important to keep your blood sugar under tight control whenever pregnancy is a remote possibility. So if I followed NFP, I would try to keep my blood sugars at levels that were safe for pregnancy as much as possible. Which is healthy anyway :slight_smile: But not always easy!

Oh! I know I am about three years too late on this thread but just in case you are still checking it, I want you to know that I, too, am firmly committed to NFP and have Type I diabetes. I have three beautiful children and hope to have many more. I blog about it at My suggestions are: check your blood sugar frequently even when you're not pregnant, and don't be afraid to experiment with basal and bolus rates. You'll be surprised at how frequently you need to tweak them, and you won't necessarily be able to run it by your doctor any time. Insulin pumps are a pregnant woman's best friend.

Ahh Thanks!! I forgot about posting this, but I am so excited to check out your blog! The time for my future family is coming in the semi-near future, and I think about how all this is going to work all the time! Ok, going to read your blog right now! :)