Cats whiskers

You do not have to be rich to be happy we went to the seaside in 1966 that was me and Sheila we were courting we took sheils mom along to chaperone us have to bear with me my spelling is not good nearly said something else while we were there we visited an astrologer not sure if that is right she had a glass globe and it skinned us out paying but here is what she said, you will have 5 children never be rich but you will have an everlasting love for each other I guess 2 out of three will do.
Trying to think of her name Madame something or another but 5 pounds in those days was a fortune but when you are in love money counts for little I could have moved mountains if my girlfriend had asked me too one o or 2 never know

. As you might know we spent our 47th wedding anniversary in Freeport USA, two wonderful weeks where we got to cuddle our daughter lots of times a day in fact I became a real hugger and cuddler so did Angel we stayed in our daughter and son in laws house and were most welcome like a real family should be. three cats so just like being at home except these cats went outside to do the business not like ours except brian he goes out the other two cats are very old so they fit in well with me and Angel not saying Angel is old but she is a few months older than me and I can remember when horses were the mode of transport only joking whats 67 coming up to 68 sorry about the missing comas cannot find it on this logitech keyboard,bathroom toilet playing up again had a bath and head john we call it a toilet overflowed another flood to clear up sure God is preparing me when the big flood turns up hope he teaches me some carpentry so I can build a boat not very good and that skill mind you if you listen to Angel I do not have any skills bursting with love but useless with a plunger screw driver hammer smashed my thumb once hammering it still hurts today and that was 20 years ago but there are those with those skills so I do not need them, except when I get the do-it-yourself bug then my tool box becomes my achillies heel nice spending a bit of time with you take care love twiddle

You make me laugh tweedle & it,s so nice to see you here on tudiabetes keep coming more often also to our lovely chat room
Lots of hugs