There are some moments in a persons life that open up your soul to the wonders of this place we call home not where we live but the planet we live on, opening the curtains this morning 5am the Sun came exploding into the bedroom like an Angel riding a winged horse, so bright was it nearly blew my socks of, not that I wear socks in bed like well perhaps in the winter maybe, if like me your legs toes and other parts of the body blood fails to flow through properly.
I was woken up by two of our 3 cats serenading me and Angel with a medley of cat songs smudge meows and jimbob squeaks all that was missing was someone playing the violin, after making my way around the cats I managed to get dressed mind you still half asleep the half that was happily in dreamland the other half confused a little irritated at being woken up it takes a few minutes for my brain to catch up with my actions old age may have something to do with it who knows, anyway after getting dressed not realising I had put my trousers on back to front I wondered and wondered being the operate word down stairs with not 2 cats but all 3 cats in a convoy following me.
By the time I walked or staggered into the kitchen smudge, brieni and jimbob were sitting by there empty dishes like hungry folks in a restaurant, come on girls I was said to say for when a cat sits they seldom move for you, each cat has there own particular taste in food, smudge likes Gourmet chicken and liver mashed to a pulp as she has no teeth at all, brieni will only eat whiskas in jelly chicken is her favourite while jimbob will only eat dried food she is currently sampling Purina Go-cat cunchy and tender by the time I had sorted out breakfast for them my brain had clicked into place.
Munch munch crunch crunch slurp slurp honestly to hear cats eat would wake anyone up after food comes the clean up one thing about cat's is they always clean them selves up followed by finding there own private place in the house and sleeping leaving poor me testing by blood which was 7.2 not bad not good but not bad, that was 3 and half hours ago had toasted brown whole wheat toast and coffee for breakfast taken 60 units of insulin so have this wonderful sunny morning all to myself, love you all twiddle.


to front

i like your writing & sense of humor & choice of words.

I love this, twiddle!