Celiac disease

ok, we just had my daughters 4th checkup since being diagnosed with Type 1 and now they are concerned about celiac disease. On top of that our regular doctor has found a new job out of state so we now have new doctor. Does anyone know what the real signs of celiac disease are? The reason they were concerned is she has only grown a couple of inches in the last 6 months and gained 8 pounds. Any advice as we wait a week for the test results.

I wouldn’t worry too much until you get the test results, it is not as life threatening as untreated T1…

I was diagnosed with celiac as an adult & the main indication was persistent unexplanable diarrhea & I had been anemic for some time.

My cousin’s granddaughter was diagnosed as a toddler after starting solid foods one of her indicators was a change of personality from happy baby to clinging toddler.

If the tests come back positive, don’t worry. Celiac is a lot of easier to deal with nowadays there are delicious gluten foods out there.

I think the symptoms can be all over the map and some people have no symptoms at all. I agree with Annabella, though. It’s not nearly as serious or hard to deal with as type I diabetes.

I have actually been gluten free for the last couple of months without trying because all I eat pretty much is meat. If it were my child, with both type I and celiac, I would shoot for a diet of almost entirely meat and veggies, with a bit of dairy thrown in. It’s great for blood sugar and has no gluten.

I would just enjoy not being celiac until you know she is.

Is 8 pounds a lot or a little to gain? I would think if she’s just recently been dx’d with type I that having it treated could cause a little fluctuation in her weight one way or the other.

Celiac.com is a great source of info and author Danna Korn, (ROCK…Raising our Celiac Kids) is a great author.
I agree, dont worry until you know for sure.
The standard test is through Endoscopy, but they can also use blood testing to look things over.
I’ve been a type I for 40 years and my elderly Mom has Celiac.
I agree with Annabella, there are so many new choices in gluten free foods, should you need them.
And starting young has to be easier…
That is my favorite web site though, and I believe Children with Diabetes also has good info (at least they put it in their newsletters and it is always good info.).

I agree that the standard test is via endoscopy, but i would not settle for a blood ‘antibody test.’ according to the Mayo clinic, these results (false positive) are quite unreliable. they can do some genetic testing (via blood draw) to see if your daughter even has the gene that confers a gluten intolerance.

Thank you all for the advice! It really helps having a whole community of support! If her blood work does come back positive I will insist on endoscopy and a genetic test,

Thanks again!