Cellulitis ~ will it ever end?

I am curious if others on this forum have had repeated bouts with cellulitis or know someone that has had this problem? I have used an insulin pump since August 2010 with very few problems. About 1-1/2 weeks ago I noticed a small red spot a few days after I removed an infusion set.

I used an alcohol swab on the spot and assumed that it would eventually go away. A few days after I first noticed the red spot, it looked bigger and slightly swollen. The next morning there was no doubt that it was lots bigger in size and quite a bit more painful. I decided to see a doctor at the local Immediate Care Clinic. He diagnosed it as cellulitis - this time it was not on my legs, it was on the side of my abdomen just above my waistline. The doctor also prescribed an antibiotic plus warm, moist compresses hoping the sore would start draining on its own.

After 5 days it did start draining and while not pleasant, I am grateful it is trying to heal. I guess what I don't understand is: I've been doing the infusion sets the same way all this time........and now I have to worry about getting cellulitis every time I put in a new infusion set?

Upon the advice of a kind RN, she suggested I use Hibiclens on the site just before I insert the infusion set. It seems like overkill, but I would do anything to avoid this situation again. The touch of clothing on that area is so painful.

Sorry for the long post, but if there is a lesson to be learned for someone else it is - don't ignore red spots even if they are small.

Are you really confident in the diagnosis of cellulitis? Cellulitis is often misdiagnosed. It might be good to follow up with a dermatologist instead of depending on an urgent care clinic for a diagnosis.

My GP gave me the same diagnosis two days later. At this point I would just like it to be gone...it hurts :(

I'm sorry. Have you tried any topical treatments? Perhaps it would respond to benadryl gel? You can just spread it on, it sometimes helps skin inflammations.

I tried topical treatments prior to seeing the Urgent Care doctor. It isn't pleasant to think about, but I had almost a baseball size swelling on it, which eventually started draining after being on Cephalexin for 4 days. The size of the redness and swelling was 4cm x 3 cm.

I've just had good luck with Benadryl gel treating a variety of rashes and topical inflammations. I hope you feel better soon.

this is a type 1 post. type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, has nothing to do with herbs, eating or not eating. type 1's no longer make insulin. we could never eat another bite again and still would need to either inject or pump insulin.

Benadryl works well for rashes and inflammation. It does not work for severe infections.